I Am One Supposedly

A girl who used to work with us was very spiritual and often spoke about fairies, angels etc!!

One day when i was sat in the room with her!
She came out and asked me if i liked things spiritual etc and i said that i believed in angels, and ghosts etc and she said the reason i do believe is because i am one!!

I asked her to explain and she said she could see my aura and it was so bright! she then told me me lots of things about me which i had never told anybody about my personality!
She then asked me how long i had liked children and animals! I answered that i wanted to look with either of them since a very early age n then asked her why!!!

She said i was an Earth Angel who was sent here to look after and protect young children and animals!!!

I didn't really understand everything but then she asked me if i have any photos with orbs on!

N i have loads and she said they are surrounding me all the time as these are fellow angels who are protecting me! then she said you have 2 family members who are both male and share a name who also have orbs around them in every photo and you are the closest to them!

And she was right my dad and my Lil nephew share the same name and they do have every photo with orbs on!!!

So i am one! i just don't act like one all the time!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 26, 2007