My Girlfriend Decided To Join The Fun At The Bar

We were out at a place know for wild parties, women woudl take their tops off maye more, all the time.  We were a a bar on the outside patio, and my girlfriend caught me checking out another woman who was really hott, adn was flashing her titts for beads.  My gf at the time was 5'6" hourglass figure, 36DD boobs. Out of the blue she stood up and took off her tank top and her bra and sat on my lap. " is this what you like to see" she asked me. "Oh yeah" I responded. She smiled, and of course was attracting a lot of attention.   Her nipples were very hard, the attention was exciting her too.  She stood up and went and sat on the lap of this other guy, and she asked him for some of his mardi gras beads. This continued and she collected a lot of beads, not enought to cover her awsome titts though. The security guard was right there watching this happen, he didnt care, which was awesome. My gf wasn't the only topless woman, but she had the nicest titts. Sh came and sat back on on my lap, and was grinding her *** into my hard ****. Watching her  collect beads and sitting on the laps of like 10 or 15 other guys and girls was such a turn on. There were times when I couldn't see her because of the crowd, and who knows what she did. Her nipples were rock hard so I am sure she was sucking on her own nipples in front of others, which was fine with me. I've watched her flirt with other men before and seen her grab their junk over their pants so I can only Imagine.  She cambe back and sat on my lap eventually, I slid my hand into her shorts  and she was really wet.   This guy came walking up to her and stated gyrating his hips in front of her, as she was still on my lap.   She asked if he wanted some beads, and said he had to ern them.   He pulled out his erect **** and she hung a string of beads on it. After that she put her tank top back on, but not her bra and we left the bar. We went back to the car and had sex right there in the parking lot on the trunk.
akamario akamario
36-40, M
May 16, 2012