My Relationship So Far

I have been with my Mistress for almost two months now. I know it doesn't seem like much but it has been wonderful so far. Some times are harder than others but I am still very happy. I know that our relationship isn't perfect and neither are we. My behavior isn't always the best but I will continue to work on it. Mistress says that she can see improvement so I guess that that is what matters most. I hope that we will strengthen our bond and grow together in the relationship. As far as my rules go sometimes I find them a little hard to follow but I am learning that Mistress always has by best interest in mind and that I need to just obey. Right now I just have basic rules like always address Mistress as Mistress or Miss and always ask permission to do anything. I also have bedtimes that I have to follow. I cannot touch myself or *** without permission. I must always be respectful when talking to Mistress and I can only have healthy food and drinks. Sometimes I don't agree with my punishments but I am learning that its not my place to agree. It is my place to obey and please my Mistress. I know that I still have so much to learn but I am learning more every day and I have a wonderful teacher.
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Very well said and understand the conflict totally.

Thank you

I want you to add to this what the rules are

Why does the world need to know?

General need to know basis

VERY good pet

Thank you Mistress

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