It Feels So Good

                                         i love being barefoot. ive never liked shoes. the closest thing to shoes in the summer is flipflops. i run around the housebare footed and i do outside too. but, i have to watch out for snakes and bees etc.. its kind of wild at my house.i drive barefoot too and have not got caught. its illegal here!

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It's not against the law to drive barefoot. Might want to look that up.

Go barefoot won't regret looks so hot and sexy! is NOT illegal to drive barefoot in ANY state in the United States . . . . PROMISE.....whoever told you that does not know what they are talking about.


I have never understood the laws against being barefoot<br />
in stores. What could be the problem?...DD

Are you married, flourlady?

I love being barefoot at home. And I'd wear flip flops year round if my feet wouldn't freeze. :)

ok I will Luxxy-Lol

ok I will Luxxy-Lol

let me know when you come lol<br />
anyway, can't miss you. The barefoot woman...

I hope to visit one day. Only problem I may not want to return home-Lol

It is beautiful. You should visit one day.<br />
I don't know much about Tennessee, apart from a brand of bourbon...

Ooh southern France they sayis beautiful- I envy you!

I live in Southern France. Weather ok for being barefoot too, but no nice animals around here. And, thinking about it, I don't know if it is illegal or not to drive barefoot, I guess we don't have a law about it yet...

It is in Tennessee thanks Luxxy!

Where do you live? I don't knpw many places where driving barefoot is illegal

I'm with you on that! I despise shoes and socks. I even wear clogs to work so I can slide my feet out of them when I'm sitting. I almost always drive barefooted too! Never been caught, tho-

me too! in the winter my feet are ice cold half of the time because i'm always taking my socks and shoes off.

My first girlfriend, i was ~12 was always bare foot. I think it is very sexie...DD