Ever Since I Was a Little Girl

ever since i was a little girl i hated wearing shoes. i insisted on being barefoot and free all year round, needless to say i didn't win that argument in the winter. even now, i wear flip flops almost all year round, and any chance i get to take them off and be barefoot i take!!! its just a wonderful feeling to feel so many different things beneath your feet. sand, warmth, cold, soft grass, dirt. so many things! it sucks when you step in gum or anything yucky though ha ha

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2 Responses May 26, 2009

Yes, I agree, I have always hated the feel of shoes. When my kids were babies they always kicked off their shoes. As a child I got scolded for going barefoot. Flipflops are the next best thing to being barefoot. I like to let my feet breathe.

Yeah, my feet hate shoes, any time I can be barefoot I am, but my silly brain can't help but fall for anything with heels!