First Mfm 3some

I'd been fooling around with men and couples in adult theaters for awhile. This night I was in one of my favorite theaters and had been jacking off while watching the movie when a 20-something couple came in and sat in the row in front of me. She was a blue-eyed blond, about 5'-7" and 120 lbs with a really nice body and pretty face. He was about my size, 6' and 190 lbs, and ruggedly handsome. As they came in she immediately caught my eye in her short low-cut summer dress. It was obvious she was dressed to play. When they chose the row in front of me I thought I might get lucky, but knew I needed to play it cool and let them move at their own pace. So I continued watching the movie and stroking (I love to edge for hours while watching **** flicks).

They started out just watching the movie, but after about 20 minutes she started looking back at me every once in awhile. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she liked what she saw (I've realized over the years that there are lots of women that like to watch men **********...they just have to be in the proper setting) so I started giving her the best show I could and although we were both enjoying the scene after awhile she signaled me to lean forward and asked me to move next to her. Well this was a no-brainer and quickly moved to the seat next to her. I was wearing running shorts and a tank top that showed off my athletic toned body so the touching started with our rubbing our bare legs together. I remember her skin so vividly. She was nicely tanned and extremely smooth and soft to the touch. Absolutely fabulous skin. Well, the more I saw and felt, the more I wanted her so when she leaned over and asked me to go down on her I was on my knees as soon as I got the 'it's o.k.' nod from her man.

As she slid forward in her seat and lifted the skirt of her dress I was pleased to see she wasn't wearing any panties. What a beautiful ***** she had and god did it taste sweet. I worshiped that puss for at least an hour. I don't know how many ******* she had, but she seemed to be insatiable. Never once during that time did she push me away or ask me to take a break...which was fine with me. I was in heaven. Finally, she said she needed to go 'freshen up' and asked me to go with her. So we headed out of the theater and down a long hall to the ladies room, but before we got there she stopped, pulled the back of her dress up and backed into me...grinding into my *****. While we were the only ones in the hallway, someone could enter it from either end at any time...including the management so I moved away and told her she was going to get us in trouble if she didn't behave. [I should mention that it was o.k. to play in the theater at this place, but not out in the common area.] So with her pouting the rest of the way to the restrooms and back she did her business and we returned to the theater.

When we returned to our seats it was more of the same...she absolutely loved having her ***** sucked and I like to think that my technique had something to do with that. So I was back on my knees worshiping that wonderful honey pot. This whole time her man never participated in any way. He never took his **** out or even rubbed himself through his clothes as best I could tell. Evidently, the night was all about letting her play with strangers while he watched. They probably planned on her playing with a number of guys, but she was enjoying my attentions too much to want it to end. Eventually though, they said they had to leave as they were from out of town and had an hours drive ahead of them. I started to stay, but decided anything else would pale in comparison (I was still swooning from the heady aroma of her wonderful *****) so I decided to leave as well. As I was getting into my little sports car I looked over and saw them getting into their pickup and waved. I left the parking area first and headed down the street to the nearest gas station. As I was filling up, they pulled along side and asked if I'd like to go to their house and continue our fun. I started to say 'no thanks', that I had to get home as well, but truthfully I didn't. It was just that I had never taken any offers to go anywhere with anyone before...mainly because I was married and didn't want to start any extended relationships. I played around sexually, but was always faithful emotionally to my marriage and to my wife who I loved dearly (by the way, she knew of my activities and played sometimes herself). The other factor was that I had enjoyed our play so much and was very taken by this woman, but something inside of me said 'if you don't do this you will regret it for the rest of your life'.

So after hesitating for a few moments I said yes and was soon following them to their house. Unfortunately, as I shortly realized, their home was in the opposite direction from mine, but after an extended drive (during which I almost turned around several times) we arrived at their country home. It was a modest place with a 'big rig' setting out front (which fit right in with his rugged good looks). He looked the part of an 'over-the-road' trucker. As I entered their home, I noticed pictures of two children (a boy and a girl) in the 6 to 8 years old range. When I asked about their kids I was told they were staying with a relative for the night. It was becoming more and more clear that this had been a planned evening for her to let her hair down and have some fun. She probably stayed at home raising the kids while he was gone for extended periods of time. I remember thinking that I was glad I had accepted their invitation and wanted more than ever to help any way I could to make her night out special.

While I relaxed and had a beer, they excused themselves to get comfortable, but we were soon in their bed getting even better acquainted. It started with me giving her more head, but when he took his robe off I was impressed and a little surprised by his **** size. It was huge and hard as steel...standing straight up toward the ceiling. I guess his taking his robe off was her signal that he was ready to **** because her and I were soon in a 69 with me on the bottom and him ******* her from behind. So I continued lapping away at her **** while he pounded her like a jack hammer. If you've ever been in that situation you know that there was lots of contact between his **** and my face. At first I wasn't sure it was intentional, but quickly realized when he pulled out and rubbed his **** all over my face that it was entirely intentional. So I started licking both of them and even took him into my mouth whenever he wanted. I remember how good her juices tasted on his ****. I was again in heaven. He pounded her to several ******* before we changed positions. She decided that I deserved more than a blow job and offered me her sweet *****. Even after all that pounding from his huge ****, her ***** still felt fantastic. I wish I could say I gave her as good a pounding as he did, but that wouldn't be the truth. I did however manage to get her to the finish line one time before I blew my load. By then it was the wee hours of the morning and we all needed some sleep and I had a very long drive ahead of me so I said my thank you's and headed home completely exhausted...having to stop and take a nap a couple of times on the way.

That was the first and last time that I ever saw them (much to my disappointment) and one of the few times I ever went home with anyone I met in the theaters. It's still one of my favorite memories and I'm extremely glad I listened to that little voice inside my head.

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You're welcome AmyJack. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed remembering the evening and writing about it.<br />
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johnnaked49 - Playing with him wasn't their focus that evening. It was all about her pleasure and if I wanted to be included it had to be mine as well. I firmly believe that if I had tried to change anything about that evening it would have been a big mistake. But I certainly would liked to have done more than a little licking and a few sucks on that marvelous piece of manhood. He had a **** that most **** stars would envy. For several years after that evening I kept hoping I'd run into them again when the focus was on his pleasure. I'm quite positive her and I could have teamed up to give him a memorable evening. I must have gone back to that theater a hundred times hoping to hook up with them again.<br />
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Sitting here thinking about that evening...I remember another couple that came in after I had started worshiping that delicious *****. I was on my knees between her legs thoroughly enjoying myself and had been for quite awhile. When I raised my head for a moment I noticed the other couple in the row behind us. The woman was leaning over the back of my playmate's seat watching me. When I looked up at her it seemed to break her trance and she sat back in her seat. Maybe she thought I didn't want her watching or horning in...I don't know. But her husband then leaned forward and said his wife was jealous and would love for me to lick her ***** as well. Before I could even consider his offer, my playmate turned to him and said it was just too bad that his wife was jealous and that she'd have to find someone else because I was all hers. Obviously, my playmate was enjoying my attentions a lot and didn't want to share.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.