The Night I Sucked My Girlfriends Brother Off

My girlfriend and I were babysitting her younger brother while her parents went out and we were having a good time petting. Well things got a little hot and we were getting with the program when my girlfriend suggested we ***** and do some serious playing. We were laying on the couch making out with no clothes on and her older brother came in the house and caught us. he really started scolding us and decided that wasn't going anywhere so decided to join in on the fun. He decided he could **** his sister and she wasn't to tell or he would blow the signal on us. So she agreed and she ******** his cothes off and they were ****** away. He was really getting it on when She went into a spasm and her body went rigid and she began to tremble and then *** was seeping out around his ****. He pulled out of her and had *** all over his ****. He took one look at me and told me I had to clean all the *** off his ****. So I gave him a blow job and got all the *** off his ****. He blew another load down my throat and was quite pleased with it. He said I was a good ********** and could go back to ******* his little sister if I wanted, then he left. I really enjoyed it and tasted great. I have been with other women and men and have been involved in a few 3 ways mmf. I enjoy myself and have had great sex with both Men and Women.

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Hi, I wouls love to give you a blow job. I would suck on you until none came out. Then I would suckon it some more just to make sure. Though you would be my first. Id do a good job...

Hey glad you liked it Senditome. I enjoy writing about myself.

Thank you Lookin, I appreciate your comment..

This is a GREAT story!! WOW!

Yes that would be great, especially if it was mine. I'd like that. I would enjoy doing that too. Maybe we should get together sometime.

Very hot! love your stories...would love to suck a *** and ***** juice covered ****!