My Husband Blindfolded Me

My husband blindfolded me and then shared me with another man. It was glorious and searingly erotic. I came so very hard, all the time wondering whose big **** was inside me. Did I know him? Was he one of our friends? Not knowing added to the thrill of it. I took that **** into my mouth and sucked it so eagerly, swallowing that delicious ***, slurping it down hungrily, never knowing who it was. They took turns with my *****, my ***, my mouth, but no words were spoken and I had no way of identifying who was ravishing my hotly excited body. I lost count of my multiple ******* and finally lost touch with reality, unable to form rational thoughts, drifting into an orgasmic fog of sex crazed joy.

The next morning when I woke up, I begged my husband to tell me who had done such a masterful job of ******* me silly, but he just smiled. To this very day, I still do not know who it was.
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What a lovely way to be used. I'm sure it also makes for interesting times at any social gathering. Hmmm. Could it have been him? Is that a knowing smile, or is he just being friendly?

You are exactly right. Not knowing makes it all the more exciting.

Wow... your husband is a very lucky man, and you a VERY lucky wife!

That man knows me better than I know myself and he always gives me what I need and what I crave which is lots and lots of hot sex. He is so creative about his use of me, guiding me through such intense erotic experiences, I just adore him

Very sexy story. Pls add me

I am delighted you liked my story, and I have added you, so enjoy the view.

Wow... I think that's a common fantasy, one so many people have (even if they'd never admit it!) But, unlike so many others, you're so lucky to have actually lived it out!

You should live out some of your fantasies. It seems clear to me that you are so tempted to do so. Whatever is holding you back, remember this, In life, we seldom regret what we did, but often regret what we did not do. When you are young, you think that you have forever but when you are in the right moment and the right relationship to allow you the freedom to experiment, you should go for it. You may never be at that moment ever again in your life. Just dip your toe in the water and you may find that you love it.

*Sigh* I really should... and you give great advice! That was something we actually promised each other this summer (that we'd try more things sexually, to "go with the flow" whenever a moment was right). Thanks!

I know there are ones that think it bad to engage in this kind of things. What I tell them is if you hadn't done it you don't know. I had always had fantasies of doing this but they was only things I dreamed about and *********** to. I never thought it would really happen. But doing it was better than the dreams. The idea of not knowing who's ****'s was pleasing me was strange but stimulating. My husband gave me just enough information as to who they was to make me look at all men I know different. Will I ever know who they was? Maybe not. But I loved it more then the fantasy. <br />
Thanks outofbiz for the idea.

There is something empowering about the feeling of being blindfolded and helpless, of being made to do it or even forced to do it, as if you have no choice in the matter, which frees a woman from having to feel so utterly slutty and whorish, but allows her to feel as if she was an innocent participant so to speak. Maybe that is part of the thrill of this.

When my husband told me I knew both of them I asked you wasn't one. He told me no. But you know both but I will never tell. Now when I see a guy I know I look him in the face to see if he smiles. They all seem to smile so that didn't work. Maybe one day my husband will tell are maybe one of the guys will. For some reason I got to know.

Yes, me too, I am eaten up with curiousity. It is just some need to know.

I cut and pasted this story to my husbands email and sent it to him. One evening my husband tied me to the bed like he has done many times. He took a feather and teased me with it driving me wild. He then put a blindfold on me. My arms and legs was spread wide. He then tells me he has a couple guys that is going to **** me. I hear the sound of cloths being removed then feel the bed move as their weight is applied to the bed. I feel hands on my body. Then the feather on my thighs and *****. Then a tongue replaces the feather. Then something hard is placed in my mouth. I screaming with desire. That's when one of the guys enters me. I have no idea who. He's ******* me hard in my *****. The other guy is ******* my face. The guy in my mouth **** first then the guy in my *****. They then takes turn in my *****. Then it's over . They leave and I'm undone.<br />
I aske who? My husband tell me like in the story you will never know. But you know both of them and see them all the time they are both married and that's all you will ever know.

How deliciously erotic and creative of your husband. Do you find yourself searching the faces of your friends and neighbors, wondering if they were the ones? I found myself doing that for weeks afterwards.

so sexy so erotic!!!!!!!!!!

Wow such an erotic story

I have always has this fantasy. Never had the chance to try it. Tell me more. One day maybe I can find out what this would feel like

not knowing...and always wondering who owned that **** adds to your warm memories and the hot ******* you had on it<br />
<br />
thank you for sharing

da30pa<br />
<br />
You should suggest it to him. He might surprise you.

I would love to be that guy. To **** you silly and not have you know who it was. That has been a long time fantasy of mine to do that to a friends wife.

I would like to think it was someone you know, and that they keep it secret. That way, when you are talking to a man at a party or other social occasion, you will always wonder if he ****** you.

the images in my mind from your story made me so hot and wet<br />
thank you<br />

we love your work outofbiz<br />
thanks for shareing<br />
R + S xxx


incredible story - my imagination runs wild thinking about it