Her Toy

Last week I told my gf I would like to be blindfolded for sex. After a quick thought, she went in her cute black panties to the bathroom and fetched a bathrobe belt. I had to face the wall while she firmly tied it. In darkness I waited for her initiative. The blindfold didn’t only arouse me apparently.

She took me by my hair and pushed me towards her *****. Without sight, I could feel the warmth and taste the aroma. It is maybe funny to say, but it seemed as if it was another *****. Overwhelmed by my senses, I did my utter best. It didn't help the neighbours' nightrest.

Afterwards she rolled over to her belly and guided me in. This time the shape and touch of her butt was the main focus of my senses. My body slapped her butt over and over again. Just as before, it didn’t seem her. This time it was my turn to annoy the neighbours :-).

In my opinion: Blindfolding is really arousing as it involves a certain degree of power exchange, or at least initiative exchange. At the same time it is a very easy thing to do.

Yesterday I bought a sleep mask :-).

houzzo houzzo
22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010