Blessed Silence

Often I'm the most comfortable when I'm by myself, alone with the Presence within.  I'm able to relax, feel good in my skin, and let the naturalness of my Being shine thru.  I've had some of the best moments of my life while completely alone!  It's as if I'm sharing my experience in completeness with Presence itself.  Only with Presence are we able to completely share our experience.  Often times it can be with music, or nature, or simple things around me, that this 'sharing' occurs.  At times it's been mystical experiences, devoid of the physical world altogether.

It's not that I don't enjoy people and connecting and sharing this way as well, but I find it much more rare to feel this comfortable and open with anyone else, other than Presence herself.  I find the energies of other people to often be quite overwhelming, and find it difficult to be my best, this way.  I'm working on breaking through this barrier, which I realize holds me trapped in my physical form.

And so the path continues.
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love those A ha! moments when we are quite enough to hear our inner selves. Energies are interesting, I find - if I allow and sometimes when I don't, that I somehow meld with it and that I need to be physically 200 yrds away before I can shake off the other person's energies.

Hi cyn -- thanks for the friends add :D Your comment on the Sacred Feminine reminds me of Dan Brown's books, which I've loved reading. It also made me think of this website, which you might find interesting, on looking at our Goddess archetype(s):

I also wrote a story on it, if you have any comments to add to the discussion:

EP Link

Good luck with your search :) :Namaste:

Thank you for the gesture and the welcome...means alot....and I like what you wrote about "the blessed silence"...I , too treasure those moments.... I have been trying to learn more about " the Sacred Feminine " By chance I watched a history channel show...Legend Quest...and its something the "freemasons " believe in....and there are two statues One is called Freedom and she is on the capitol building in DC (check it out) and the other is Liberty..NYC...and liberty is a french word that translates to FREEDOM... and "she" holds the torch that represents illumination/ enlightenment...HMMMMMMMM Namaste

((Danda)) I'm always delighted when you comment on my stories :) It's like coming home to a safe haven. And i realize, in saying this, that this is pretty much what this journey is all about -- finding "home", realizing it was 'here' all along, that I've never had to 'go' anywhere, that the 'safety' of home is always present, and simply a state of mind, of remembering what I truly am, of knowing our true nature. This seems to be a big 'issue' for me personally -- feeling 'safe'. Realizing my 'true home' and that here, 'IAM' always safe.

I've never read that book, but I'll add it to my wish list ;)

Indeed! Namaste. This one word just seems to embody this 'coming home' feeling.. the mirroring of seeing ourselves in another. I feel so grateful for kindred spirits! :D

Yes! I'm feeling kind of nostalgic all of a sudden for the 'old days' when we'd talk about all this stuff in a small group, everyone sharing their experiences and takes. It's always been so 'open and accepting' here at ep, it feels. And a kind of 'force' would seem to take over, where our sharing builds into something that is 'bigger' than us all, and the mirroring back and forth would seem to magically reveal something that was 'here' all along, just hidden from us until that moment. There is a certain 'magic' in opening up and sharing in this way! Yet, as you say, it allows a less personal concern, with the kind of distance and anonymity that this medium of communication allows. For myself, it helps me to open much more than I am able to easily do in '3-D'. And here at ep, I feel like I can 'come clean' much more fully, and just say what "wants to be said" without any fear of challenge and misunderstanding (that I have encountered elsewhere). Ep and Beings like you have been an important part of my 'Sangha'. :D

Yes, it is great to meet here and feel like we are not alone but part of something that is bigger than either of us alone, or our own friendship, itself. Know what I mean? I realize that is one of the things I loved about E.P. when it was home-away-from-home for me. The sense of belonging yet in a sort of invisible and optional way... but honestly without the sort of concern that 3 dimensionality brings!

Anyway, I love how you put it Dee: "...It's as if awareness surrounds it all, and non judgementally loves all of it..."

that just about covers it!!

Good observation, crafted. We all seem to have our own timing and ways of approach. :)

Swan, how wonderful to 'see' you here again!! :D Reading your comments was like waking up out of an amnesia, lol. Yeah, I remember 'being there'! It's all coming back. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It sounds like divine timing. This, when I read it, cut in deep:

" I saw how I WAS ALLOWING myself to be impacted by another person's judgment, disapproval, standards and priorities (not to mention the perceived power this person might stand to gain, by attempting to exercise control over me!)."

In an instant, I was 'hooked' in complete empathy! I realize how much of my life I have allowed myself to be "impacted by another person's judgment, disapproval, standards and priorities" and how I have handed my power over so easily! This is still the basis of so many of my struggles, it feels. But, it is as you say, I realize: "I was accepting the 'bad offer' and buying into the defensive posture that is its 'match'. That is why the sky went dark"

I can also recognize what you describe as "holding the space open" and allowing the person their own response. It's as if awareness surrounds it all, and non judgementally loves all of it. I feel like I'm just really beginning this adventure, in coming to see "interaction" (between 'I' and an 'other') this way. It's as if it's easiest, as you point out, to immerse in the silence and 'touch' the Unity with the world when it feels 'peaceful'... and the next step, it seems, is to open and allow equally when seeming 'chaos' is part of the picture. Looking into the eyes of another and seeing this, whether there be 'peace' or 'chaos' in our midst, seems to be the closing of the gap. This feels like what I am starting to "work towards". Thank you for giving voice to this. It seems to take time and experience to integrate it all!

Hello, dear friend,

I do know what you mean about how easy it feels, "to relax, feel good in my skin, and let the naturalness of my Being shine thru." Like you, "I've had some of the best moments of my life while completely alone!" You describe it " if I'm sharing my experience in completeness with Presence itself." When we are alone its easier to feel this because nothing else can get in the way. I do understand how it can seem that we NEED to be alone for this to happen. Truly, it IS easier to sense our Vast True Nature without the demands, intrusions and distractions of the rest of existence!

And yet, as you and I, also realize, the 'rest of existence' is ALSO this same Vast True Nature. So, my current adventure is sort of flipping this inside out--seeking intentionally to seek that same reflection (that I've found by looking inward or being alone) as I look outward. Looking outward (or other-ward). In general, I've tended to find myself 'limited' or 'compromised' by others, or baffled by another seemingly 'separate self'. Its been challenging for me to reconcile differing energies. Easy to get caught by the win/lose, agree/disagree struggle so typical of human nature. Yet I'm finding this experiment to be surprisingly delightful.

My sense is that by inviting this perspective, something else (GRACE) comes along with it. This 'helpful energy' opens another way of seeing/trusting, that is kind of new for me. Just now I got to test it out while writing this!

Here is what happened: I started out alone in the house, feeling relaxed about trusting my own sense of time/priority/focus/flow. (Trust is so powerful. It comes with its friend: Permission). I had many chores waiting but did the unusual thing of taking care of me, BEFORE starting the chores.

Then someone else came in and immediately questioned me about how much I had accomplished and the sky went dark in my heart. I was no longer ALONE. Instead I'd been 'caught red-handed' on the computer writing to you, instead of doing the chores! I felt my whole being contract in response. So I paused for a moment... (what had happened to that sense of Trust? of Permission? where did it go?)

Then, I asked myself, How can this experience show me 'the completeness of Presence?'

In response, I could clearly 'see through' the dynamic: I saw how I WAS ALLOWING myself to be impacted by another person's judgment, disapproval, standards and priorities (not to mention the perceived power this person might stand to gain, by attempting to exercise control over me!). I was accepting the 'bad offer' and buying into the defensive posture that is its 'match'. That is why the sky went dark.

The instant I glimpsed this 'package' the dark sky lifted from my heart. I had an option. I could say 'no thank you'! Seeing what was really going on, I instantly felt free to allow this person to be AS IS. At the same time--without any need to choose between us--I could allow myself to decline their 'bad offer', and smile my 'right to exist' in my own way, right back at them in sincere response. I could believe in the power of LOVE to exist behind all PRESENCE, and to shine through (if only it can be glimpsed...). It was a leap of faith to try this. To open myself to the possibility of testing my theory.

The Completeness of Presence enfolded us both. And this time I did not have to choose. There was no need to accept the concept of 'Alone/Not Alone'. No need to choose between 'self/other'. There could be BOTH. There IS both, if only I can SEE it. If only I can shift my angle of vision so that I can SEE HOW the Deep Presence of Vast Spaciousness enfolds all of creation. And even if the 'apparent other' does not share this perspective with me, I can hold it for us both. This way, there is no access for struggle or argument to take hold in my heart. And there can be no competition for energy unless both parties agree to compete.

Great timing! Interesting turn of events. Thanks for sharing your story!

nice to chat with you again, Swan