Indain Girlfriend

I am married and I was seeing an indian girl on the side. She knew i was marriedd and was okay with it. We both had fun exploring new sexual experiences together. One of those was talking dirty when we were *******. She loved me calling her ***** her **** and me calling her a **** and a ***** or a *****. Until her I had never met a woman who liked that and I thought a woman wuold find those names degrading...but she proved me turn her on and we had a great time together
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Hi why is that all filthy names are marked as ******???? Just express as these are why do u hide??? silly these are...

I was raised not to ever call a women those names. One night my wife said **** me like a dirty *****. I was shocked. Ever since then she loves being called names during hard passionate sex. It's a great turn on.

shockin to me ... btw am an Indian girl..

yeah ...

no i dnt like tat...

My wife seems completely innocent and conservative, Catholic girl, .. yet at times.. the, "****", word comes out.. she is Latina.. can become completely hot.. usually not. Have been shocked by her a few times.. she presents herself so modestly.