I Love It

I love to feel cheap. I am a **** and I love it. I'm into BDSM, and hucow. I love to be called filthy names like **** ***** ***** cumbag, **** doll and love when they use adjectives like slutty, dirty nasty. Idc what u say, as long u humiliate me. Plz degrade me.
dirtyxxxwhore dirtyxxxwhore
3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Whenever I talked really dirty to a Woman when I'm ******* and pounding her (even licking her *****) she always ****. Always. Well, once a woman cried because she was vulnerable more than usual at the time and wanted more romance than pounding...save one out of God dare I count...the dirty **** ***** Always ****, as though on cue, when She's called a dirty **** ***** for my dirty ****...

You belong to a select majority and that makes you Gorgeous for being so sexy and honest and a Beautiful Woman ;)

My g/f loves it too especially when several men are taking turns in her **** or up her arse. Having men call her names really gets her off.

i love when ppl. call me names, especially, ****, *****, ***** etc. thank u.

mmmmm tell my does your worthless body melt at sweet words being said to you?

Idk, but thank u.