Once in awhile my man and girl sometimes both at the same time would just degrade me, make me feel like a disgusting women, insult me, embarrass me all just to make themselves feel superior yet arouse me so much.

While standing. Being groped hard from behind as i let out a hard moan while they make fun of my small breast. Squeezing harder just to hear me scream in pleasure, Licking my ear as they call me dirty, Biting it as they call me a masochist. Pushing me against the counter calling me a *****, Commanding me to bend over as i obey. Pulling my shorts down and dropping it at my feet with no sign of panties get me a big spanking. Being teased and called a **** for not wearing any. Taking it from behind while getting my hair pulled with my vag dripping im being called a filthy trash that deserve this treatment.

Standing there getting owned by them i could do this forever.


While i am laying innocently. My legs forced open as i am being called a prostitue that like to have my legs open. Forcing them wide till i feel stretch, moving in as they bite my crotch as they tell me how much i smell like garbage that been laying around for days. I whine and say it does not but all i get is a smack in the face "dogs should not talk back". Forcing my panties off as i've become so wet you could see the discharge lingering on my vag to panties. Turning them inside out as she degrade me about my soiled panties how it not lady like to have pee stain and goeey discharge on them. Being force to lick them clean while they shove it in my face i would sometimes refuse and theyd roll it up and shove it in my mouth for talking back.

Force my legs open again to make fun of how small and petite my vag is at the sametime spread them open to expose the pink side of me. Calling me a true **** for being so wet and that i'd want so many ***** inside. Sometimes i'd get the ***** and other times i'd get the **** but either or i get them ram inside as they call me filthy names like tight little *****, wet as a ***** in heat. After filling me up i lay there with hot ooze dripping out while my lovers write degrading words on me.

I'd tell them how much i had fun as they giggle at me calling me a huge perv. This being one of the thing i like doing during sex of course i prefer only for my lovers to do this to me.everyone else i don't know i'd take it as a joke or i ignore. So please do not message me calling me filthy names or i'd just ignore you.

NymNin NymNin
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014