I bloat my tummy with food daily, and I've noticed a distinct love handle overhang appearing. I've gained about ten pounds in a week and a half. I gain weight so easily, but I usually keep it in check. This week, though, I've spent my entire paycheck on food. My roommates but me food all the time, though, especially when I offer to bake a dessert. They ALWAYS let me take more than half...and I'm beginning to think that my three male roommates (I'm a girl) are actively enjoying and enabling my sexy weight gain.
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How big do u want to get?

What are your starting and goal weights?

Oh probably they are. My boyfriend's friends are enjoying my gain too. They have seen me going from thin to normal and then towards chubby. But they are now really more active in commenting positively on my curves, patting my belly with a smile, and they offer me food more and more often.. guys are weird, aren't they? ;-) Enjoy

Sounds like they want you fatter! :)

Nothing weird about that...they just like to see you well-fed and happy!

How fat do u want to get?

Sounds like you've become very lucky! :)

Wow, 3 male roommates enjoying your weight gain, it has to be wonderful. I have just my boyfriend enjoying mine and it is pretty good too! ;) After seeing how much my boyfriend is in love with my added pounds I can only immagine how happy your roommates are. Have they told you something about that?

Would be awesome if you added me :)

So sexy!

Sounds nice!