It's Miss

I got a letter in the mail this week. Usually I like that because they address me as MISS. Well this one addressed me as "Ms". I am not a "Ms"! The worst thing is it contained a card, so now I am forced to have myself addressed as "Ms" on this card forever because I don't think it expires. Stupid people!

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...isnt Ms just short for Miss??

No, "Ms." was invented by feminists in the 70's, to be free of the single/married label women were forced to carry. I'm as devoted as anyone to proudly showing my love being a dainty, sweet little Miss, but I'm in favor of women's equal rights, and "Ms." was a great place to start!

Koyptakh, thats usually what happens when a woman gets married :P she becomes his Mrs :)

Hi Mediocre<br />
I think Ms is good. When my brother married they had a meal after and name cards were put out and his wife was called Mrs and then his name! That is creepy.<br />

I always call people miss, like for no reason. I just like doin it. <br />
<br />
If we were friends for example i would just always address you as miss whatever your name is. I don't know why, i think maybe subconsciously i feel it makes people feel good. It's like opening the door for people , i open the car door for my mom for example. I just do it out of guess. <br />
<br />
But it's weird that i think reflecting love for any one can be done through a simply way of addressing someone. <br />
<br />
Did i make any sense?

I didn't know you liked D's.

You're just like me except I get this way over D's and L's and people capitalizing sexy letters... We're the same... if you know this or not....

Yeah that and it makes me think of old crabby teachers who insisted on being called "Ms". Ew!

Haha being called Ms makes me feel old

Each to their own... I respect your opinion. Today, some women work for equality and don't insist on "Miz not Miss..." I guess it's fading as a fad. More importantly, we still need to carry on the work for full women's respectful equality!