For the last week,I have been going naked as often as I can...wearing clothes as little as I can, getting dressed when I really have too...I love the freedom and how I feel...this is so fantastic!! I'm a convert from this point forward!!
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I do it whenever I can and every time I NEED to.

walking around the house naked is so liberating!

nothing better than being nude

It natural and healthy to live nude

Good for you. I spend most days nude, indoors and out

I'm always completely comfortable nude, indoors or outdoors.

this is what i call freedom. i dont care what others said cause am free

Just went to northern Indiana and spent the weekend at a nude campgrounds wow what a beautiful place just need more friends to go next time

Keep naked.

I certainly understand that feeling! Been somewhat of a closet nudist myself for the last few yrs! if im home im probably nude and when i can i try to get out to a few nudist camps near me

Hello m4389,

I want to welcome you to the club! I am a life long at home nudist! Most people who visit here and give the "nude for a day" experience a try end up at the close of the day feeling as you do. I suspect most people are just following the rules of our culture when they get dressed every morning.

If they would try going nude for a day, or a week as you did; they would find the experience so awesome they would join the nude lifestyle group on the spot.

Again welcome,


Just as I thought no one can add you or become your friend. Just another tease....Grow up!

Nice! I bet is a great sight for anyone around.

Sounds like a recent discovery. Congratulations, and may your freedom be everything you ever dreamed it would be. In the olden days, the very very olden and women were naked. Naked them came into the world and naked they left the world. It also sounds as though you are comfy with your naked self, something most women are not. All the best. J

Need to be aloud to do it every where! I wish I was able to go to the store nude without being afraid of getting arrested.

Just came back from a nudist resort in the pocono mountains... Loved it

Where in the pocanos? I live fairly close would love to try it out

Sunnyrest, palmerton pa

Where is this place? Id go!! Message me if you want ;)

This place is going to get booked out.

Sunnyrest, Palmerton, Pa

Sunnyrest...Palmerton, Pa

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Message me please

Discovery of one's more open and deeper urges side , i would describe it?

I would love to be there

Being clothes free is so awesome! It is such a liberating experience.

live in hotels most of the year. constantly naked. have troubles getting dressed for the cleaning service sometimes. on the first floor and like to leave the heavy curtains open. just plain liberating

I live florida, on an island but travel for work 300 plus days a year. jus don't seem to wear cloths much

Our beaches are great aren't they. There are places where the next person is miles away.

The city beaches are still ruled by puritans though so we have to travel to get at one with nature.

You're all welcome to come visit.

Nude snap me at snaper267

My wife and I are the same, sleep naked, run around (and outside) the house naked, we now live in an area where we can do this all the time

Lucky you - you must be somewhere great.

It is freedom isn't it.

Shame there is still a stigma about a naked body being "dirty" somehow.

Old puritan ideas die hard.

I love being naked, too. I used to have a hot tub outside and at night I would turn off all the lights and get in the hot tub nude.

i wish i could wear only myself but no clothes forever

lovely , i walk around house naked,Pity we not naked together

your as old as my father, don't have those type of issues...

I agree. Just got back from taking my daily 2 mile nude hike.

That's right! Rock that nonesie!

You rock! I am glad you are getting in touch w yourself


Now, you need to take the next steps .

which are?

I would love to do this!

Me to love it

can't beat being nude!..I am right now

i wish i was the pizza guy lol

thank you for sharing.

I love the freedom of being naked. When we go on vacation, usually at nights when drunk, my friends and I stay naked all the time discussing serious topics.

Yeah, but on a drunk state you usually talk serious topics :) does feel good

Welcome to my world.

Mmmm me too -)

Fantastic. An other convert.

I have no idea why one must wear clothes when they are not needed.

Hope you thoroughly enjoy your freedom.

It is a great feeling and very relaxing and comfortable. It is a simple pleasure that anyone can enjoy but so few do. I wish people didn't equate mere nudity with sex or some kind of sinful or bizzare behavior. Enjoy your body and appreciate it in all it's beautiful shapes, sizes, configurations, and colors.

Sweet a new nudist!!

yes sir!!

Nice so I guess there is no point askin what you are wearin

just my glasses and a smile :)

Oh see now that is way way sexy!!!

Can we get a photo? I would like to see those glasses

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Welcome to the family,

Throw your clothes in the incinerator in the corner

thank you...I do have to wear clothes sometimes though...

Then put them in a box in the corner of the closet

Where you can't easily access them