Well, Ladies and Gentleman, I grabbed lunch today, and took a look in the clear, frosted pantry door...I loved what I saw...I love the way my body looks now....Yahoo!! I love the way I look and feel....everyone must try being naked at least one day...I feel fantastic!!
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10 Responses Aug 27, 2014

good for you. do you like other people seeing you naked?

Sounds like you've really taken to the freedom - good for you - keep it up.

I enjoy being naked, inside or outside,

Awesome!!!! Glad you're happy.

there is good naked and there is bad naked: according to the wise Seinfeld
You're will be, undoubtedly, under the BAD naked category..lol

Awesome! It does feel wonderful, doesn't it?

sure does, and I've lost weight too, another bonus!!

I do. And I am. On the beach with the sun on my back right now.

i too love being naked around the house. theres a freedom a free spirit. there again loosing a couple of stone did help the way i feel about my body. mike

I'm naked now x

m naked too

Me too. It's early and its nice to be on my reasonably private patio naked.

I'd love to share in ur delight.
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