All this summer I have sunbathed to get an all-over tan without tan lines. (2-3 times each week.) I live in the country, but still have 3 neighbors/families within 80 yds. of my back yard. Even so, I have not had any calls or complaints from them though they can all see me from their yards. I'm sure they have all seen me on several occasions laying on my lounge totally naked, on my back. They have all seen "everything" but don't mind. Great neighbors.
InShapeDave InShapeDave
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2014

You are lucky as most are pretty conservative about the naked part.

I wear a speedo. Neighbors think I'm strange. I hate living in the city, but my wife likes where we live. I would go naked in a hurry in a rural setting. Careful that your neighbors don't take pictures of you and post them on the Internet. Lol

Your lucky