I am a nudist and like to sunbathe on in my yard nude. Is there any laws that make this wrong to do ?
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LOVE to do this as well. You can check nudity laws in your state on line --- just do a search. The law in NJ is written very general. It says that there is a problem only if you are performing lewd behavior, but it doesn't really define "lewd". SO, I think from others, simple nudity, especially on your own property is not a problem. BUT, if someone complains, then the police are required to "investigate".
Naked Sissy Stephie

I do the same thing as you and tanned from head to toe

If your neighbors looked possibly. I put up a 6' board on board fence and told the neighbors hey Becareful if u peek over the fence u may catch me nude

I have a sign on each side of my property as a person enters the backyard which says:
"Please Note --- from this point on you may encounter a nude person."
My new neighbor saw it and commented ---- my partner simply said "we are nudists" ---- nothing else said.
Naked Sissy Stephie

Good idea I need to get a few of those