Coming Out To The Community!

I live in Charleston SC and over the last 4 years have been a major part of the local, regional, and national electronic music scene, playing as 'Pericles' and with a group called 'Chronicles of the Landsquid'. I have always maintained a sort of androgynous appearance, but not in a way that would lead anyone who isn't a pyschic to think I am anything other than a straight male hippie type. As I've continued my personal evolution over the last few years, which came to a point last summer when I came to the full realization that I am transgendered, or perhaps more appropriately put: 'two spirit', I have felt more and more the urge to bring my subconscious feelings into the conscious.

Recently, I created, hosted, and produced an event called 'The Charleston Freak Ball' for my DJ/Producer/VJ artist collective the WTOB to perform at. As the title suggests, it was encouraged for people to explore their mirror selves during this experience. I knew most would love to get into the 'halloween'-esque theme and felt it would be a great environment for me to publicly crossdress for the first time. I had come close to the definition of crossdressing at festivals before, and my girlfriend and I have experimented with dressing me up as well as myself privately, but never before so openly in front of so many friends and acquaintances.

I did not know how people who I had known for years would react to seeing me dressed as a female. Some were surprised, some thought I was joking, and some knew it made perfect sense. Either way, I really wanted for people to see the physical expression of my female soul, and that's exactly what happened. All the males I'm friends with who I thought might find this uncomfortable or weird totally either loved it or laughed at it, and saw that I wasn't a different person as a female at all. It's not like the person they knew magically vanished, they saw that the very same soul they had known for years was simply being expressed through a different instrument- like music played on a guitar and then piano- the same note values pushed through different devices. 

But what can I say, I had the best ******* time of my LIFE! I earned the nickname 'Princess Pericles', which is just too perfect! It was the night of my 25th birthday and I was surrounded by beautiful super open minded individuals. I felt wondrous all night! I didn't want to be cartoonish in my appearance, and had my girlfriend take special care with selecting my outfit and appying make up, and she did a wonderful job. 

I played a set of my original electronic music in full femme mode and the crowd was rocked just as hard or harder by the female me...and I can foresee myself continuing to perform in this way because it was AMAZING!

If anyone wants to listen to my music or DL it for free: here is a link:

I am so happy to have unleashed my true essence, and I think the time is right in the world for the two spirits to step back into the world and claim our sacred position in the world as healers, teachers, seers, jesters, storytellers, and divine revealers of dualistic truth!

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Wow! This is one of the best experiences I have read on EP!<br />
<br />
Your girlfriend is amazing too!<br />
<br />
I have been slowly coming out and I feel great about it.

Thanks for the wondrous words, ancient one!

WOW! You are lucky, openminded people are hard to come by where I live, just like bowling balls going down the gutter, they only see in front and follow one another (and dense, too). I wish you and yours the very best on this journey of self realization! where it leeds to, I do no not know where to but enjoy the journey--we make it only once--May wisdom be your guide and roadmap, take care.