Going Out

It's true, I love getting dressed up and going out. Putting on a bra, panties and thigh high stockings feels so natural to me. The feeling of satin and lace sets the tone for a feminine night out on the town. After putting on my make up, I stand in front of my closet and think about what to wear. Of course, it all depends on where I'm going and who I'm going with. Is it a date with a cute guy or girls night out with my friends? Movies, dinner or clubbing? I have dresses for every situation. Formal gowns, short flirty dresses, mature business attire and just pretty everyday dresses. I prefer dressses to all other clothing. Of course, I have some very pretty silk blouses and short skirts. I also have a closet full of jeans, leggings and cute tops just to wear for going shopping. And don't get me started on shoes!. OMG, I have pumps, slings,boots, peep toes, ankle straps, flats and mules. And you know they all have to be matched up to the right purse. All leading up to the jewelry. I have more earings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings than a girl should have. And last but not least, the last thing to put on before going out..... perfume! Walking out the door knowing full well I look pretty is a feeling next to none.
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Thank you ladies for all the kind words.

Diana Lynn I’m at my happiest when I’m dress as a woman. It just feels so good to be alive.