From The Time I Was Five:-)

i have loved dressing like a girl and now a woman.its my life i dress as a woman almost 100% of the time when im at my heart and soul i am a woman:-)
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I wish I could,,, I'd love to be feminized.

iam yours sweety

i love dressing as a woman too,, i too am closeted , and have been since i was 12

I feel exactly the same so liberating

I know the feeling, 98% of wardrobe is womens clothing items. I dress as a casual woman everyday. Its so much fun getting up in the morning looking through all your collection of womens clothing items, then picking out something you havent worn in ages. Incredible!! I wear the clothes of a 20's something woman, It's sooooo much fun. Puting on a cleavage enhancing Plunge Bra, A Boyshort Panty, nylons or Pantyhose, then dress pants and a smocked top showing your curves. It's so much fun getting all femmed out everyday.