Harriet Nelson, Loretta Young Or Mrs. Cleaver

When I get dressed, especially in a nice half or three quarter sleeve, flowing full skirt, back zip dress and heels, my favorite thing to do is clean the house.
I have memories of Harriet Nelson, Loretta Young or Mrs. Cleaver walking or working around the house in a dress with full skirt and wearing high heels. It makes me feel like I’m one of them! Maybe, I’m really in a television program performing my wife’s or motherly or duties for my family.
While doing the dishes, I am careful not to splash myself full of water, after all I don’t want to ruin my dress with spots or cleaning compounds. When vacuuming, the stretching, reaching and stooping moves my wardrobe, in particular my lingerie, to move on my body. This make me feel so feminine!
When I’m finished my chores, I always pour a nice glass of wine and either sit on the sofa listening to a mood music CD or, weather and time permitting, out on the deck. Sitting, relaxing and enjoying the music, the fresh air, and the wine always sends a chill down my spine. I often think that if god had changed one little thing in my body I wouldn’t be playing as woman I would be one.
God bless,
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Sep 7, 2012