My Sissi

I'm a domme female to a very sweet sissi boi!! I love for my sissi to be dressed sexy and fem for me all the time and she absolutly loves it but is embarressed to death at the same time.I love having fun with my sissi in public of course no one else knows what we are doing but it still embarrasses my sissi and I'm very happy to do it.
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I am a sissy and must admit at one time,I was embarrassed. But I came to accept myself. I now feel that embarrassment stems from one still thinking of themselves as male and that somehow dressing pretty or fem is demeaning. As though females were lesser people. To accept sissyhood is to realize that females are superior. That you as a sissy can never hope to attain their true staus and that you also are not male ( although you have male equipment) And that sissies should love their status as special. Just this sissies outlook.

Sounds like you are having fun, and that you sissy has a proper lover.

I am so Happy to hear that you like Sissies...the Best Men out there! and how you like to make him "Squirm"! Does he wear women's clothing in public? It is so wonderful to see women and girls being Assertive and keeping men and boys in submissive postures! Thanks for sharing!<br />
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such a lucky couple!