Girly Shopping As A Man

My wife likes taking me shopping for ladies lingerie, nighties and other very feminine clothing such as tops and shorts. She holds things up against me to get an idea of whether they might fit me and how they would look on me. If there is another lady around or a shop assistant she will ask their opinion while I just stand there blushing.
At the time I just wish the ground would open beneath my feet, but thinking about it beforehand is so exciting with my wife describing what she will do to embarrass me and warning me to be obedient or she will really humiliate me.
When we get home I have to parade around in the clothes we have bought and we discuss what was said and done in the shops and how other people reacted to me.
I am getting used now to wearing ladies tops and side zipped trousers while still obviously a man and am becoming more of a sissy all the time.
malecynthia malecynthia
70+, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

That sounds wonderful!

an ex lady friend of mine, Anita, loved doing the same to me and on a couple of occassions even made me try on a skirt or dress while in the shop.