Sisy Husband

my wife sits sown on the couch and then she starts ordering me what to do. if i tell her to do something she would just laugh. she likes my friend and she masturbates thinking about him. if he calls and i pick up the phone, she takes it from me and talks to him. he is a real man she says and she calls me a *****. when she talks to hm on the phone she puts me on my knees and i have to lick her *****. i am so embaresed and hated that. now i have to admit i ********** on him too. he doesnt know thaat. i would give anything to kneel in front of him as he *****  my wife. i would clean them both after sex and cook for them. right now i am in my black stockings, white sox and a bikini. i would give anything to eat his come and lick his *** and feet. he  is a real man and guys like him are a reason wmen get horny.

pillow7777 pillow7777
Mar 23, 2009