First Time

I hope you enjoy this and that it is okay as this is my first time writing anything like this. (And this is 100% true ;) )

For a few days me and my fiancée (we are both female :D) had our house to ourselves. We are always really adventurous and have have done some toilet play before and want to try everything we can. While we were alone we crammed as much as we could into the few days.

The first day ended with her in the bath and me squatting above her ready to take the last step in our toilet play. She looked beautiful lying there and the pressure was building up and soon enough I had let out the first log of **** onto her stomach. She gasped as it hit her and told me it felt good so I kept going, letting more slip out. When I was finished I looked down for the first time and saw a sizeable pile of dark **** lying on her pale skin.

And the best part was the fact that we were both loving it. I got down and stood at the side of the bath, she had her eyes screwed up and was biting her lip. I could really smell it now, it was stronger than it is usually. When she finally opened her eyes she grinned and begged me to rub it into her more. I happily obliged and leaned over rubbing it into her stomach while the smell almost doubled.
By the end she was covered in a good layer of **** and was desperately horny along with myself so we got into the shower together and helped each other wash off. The shower lasted well over and hour as most of the time was spent pleasuring each other. We were both very happy girls that night.
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9 Responses May 8, 2012

wow that is so hot

sounds like a wonderful poopy time!

Hot lesbian scat is always much loved here.

Just read that and I'm at work , now iv got such a hard on lol

That is such a hot story.

great story nothing beats getting poopy in the shower

mmmmmmmmmmm so hot... i wish i was the reciever of your exciting sweetness........ yami yami

Very hot! Congrats to both of you!!!

Jealous i want to experience just that! One day hopefully i will find someone open minded enough to want to try. Great story

Thanks :) I hope you find someone to have fun with ;D x