Being fat is awesome, I love it!

I am fat, very fat. Not as in really super, I am just overweight by 1-30 pounds. My stats: I am 150-160lbs or something more or less like that. I broke the weighing scale in our house when I was jumping on the glass. HA!! HA!! But... now, I have no idea if I got fatter or thinner. That 150-160lbs was just a guest since the last reading I had was last July, and it was 135lbs. But I tend to overeat, and get huge meal portions. Not really as in a whole tray of food during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast is the only one among the three where I have huge portion! I practically eat half or a third or a fourth of the huge cereal!! I'm not voracious when it comes to lunch or dinner like other guys, but I practically have 1-10 snack servings A DAY, or is it 1-30? But anyways I always eat whatever we have. I eat when I'm watching TV, but not always, only most of the time. I tend to get the biggest serving size or size of food, and lots of it. And I'm gaining around, well.. around 0.1-3 pounds a week!! But I only go to fast food only sometimes. That's because the only time we go there is when we're in a hurry, or I missed a meal(my mom's very concerned about that). And my friends, the group of guys I hang out with do love to go to fast food, especially McDonalds, but they're not on the "I think getting fat is great" theme or lane. So they eat a lot, literally, but hardly gain. Especially since we love to play frisbee every day. So anyway, I don't always go to fast food. I would love to, but no on else(and there is no one[who]) would like to pig out with me. So anyways, I have a huge belly, well not exactly that huge , but you know what I mean. And I enjoy it!!!! I often see my belly on my tight clothes. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter, not because of puberty, but because of my belly. My belly use to fit exactly into my pair of pants, but that was a year ago or a few years ago. Now, my belly hangs over my pants. And I LOVE IT!! I love how my clothes get tighter, especially my pants. I see my fat role, and I feel it whenever I sit down. I also get tired easily. I am also kind of lazy. Just staring at the TV, eating some chips and some chocolates, some soda and some fruit juice. As I stare at the TV, I sometimes think of dieting, but nah.... , I just think of how heavy I'm gonna be next, and how big should my belly be. It'll be so soft.  I just allow myself to munch on boxes of pizza and burgers and bags of chips and other stuff and cans of soda. I make my belly get bigger. I've seen those guys whose bellies are huge, and just a few years older than me. Hope to be like that. Even if I'm the only "real fat guy". But there is no one who wants to get fat like me in my place. O well. Just munch on that burger and enjoy it getting bigger!! I love getting fat!!!! My next goal is gonna be around 170 or 180lbs, or maybe more!. I'm gonna do this slowly. One burger at a time. What's the use of being fat if you can't enjoy getting into it? But I think I'd just make it 200 or 250 or 300lbs, the limit is 500 -1000, anyway.I LOVE MY FAT, BEING FAT, AND GETTING FAT!!!!
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i hate short stories. the longer the better!

thanks for the opinion!!!

No, it's not too long! --HXTP

Sorry the story's too long.