Fat Belly And A Girdle

As I became older I started getting a belly. I noticed I was having problems with my clothes, my belly was effecting my posture plus I was getting lower back pains. I exerecise a fair amount and try to eat right, but I still have a belly. My belly is large enough that I can no longer see my feet. I asked a doctor about this, he explained that what happens is as you age and the effects of gravity and your matabolism slows down that is the reason I have a belly. He checked my BMI and found I am not really fat. I asked him if there was a solution. He recommended for me to look into wearing a girdle. This took some research and I finally located a Professional Corsetier. After some chatting on the phone I set up an appointment with her. She explained the wearing a girdle takes some consulting so to be able to fit me in the right kind of girdle. When I first met with her I asked her after looking at my belly if I really needed to wear a girdle, she told me that I really should not go without being in a girdle daily. She explained that it does take a little bit to make sure I am in the right kind of girdle for both the shape of my body and my life style.

The corsetier recommended after measuring my waist and hips that I should be in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. She then had to help teach me how to properly put on a girdle. She had me lie down on a bed lean way back this took my belly and pulled it back towards my chest, she then had me pull up the girdle and hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper. Then she had me stand up. As soon as I stood up I felt an immediate relief, no more lower back pains and my belly was well encased and supported, I was amazed as to how great the support feels. She checked me out and had me stoop over stand up sit down to make sure the girdle held in place, she push her fingers on my girdled belly to make sure my belly was nice and firm and supported which it was, then she had me put on my clothes. To my pleasant surpise my clothes fit so much better.

The corsetier explained that it does take a little getting use to (a few days to maybe even a few weeks) and she told me that while girdled that I should just keep my belly muscles well relaxed and let the girdle just support and hold me in. This I found a little hard to do, she explained this is a subconscience habit but over a few days to a few week I would become quite use to this and I would gain a dependency on the support, which is what happened. She explained that wearing a girdle daily takes developing a positive habit, that I should put in my daily routine every morning wake up put on a girdle and go on with my day.

She also explained that it was important that I needed to have at least 3 girdles, one to wear, one to wash and dry and one in a girdle draw.
Now after 3 years I own 10 girdles.

The corsetier was correct after a few weeks of following her routine she put me on I love putting my fat belly well encased in a girdle. It is great to have lots of support. My belly now no longers pulls on my lower back, and I actually love having a belly. And yes you really do become very dependent on the daily support a girdle offers. I look forward every morning when I wake up I stand up without a girdle my belly stick out, I clean up and put on my girdle and I am all ready for the day. I also found once I could keep my stomach muscles well relaxed and let the girdle just hold me in I was amazed as to the dramatic increase in energy and confidence.
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May 7, 2012