Gaining Nicely!

About 2 years ago I became pregnant with our first daughter. I was about 135 5'4 so I waNt to fat. When I became pregnant I decided to just go ahead aNd start eating more. I love it at so does my husband. We have one girl, Ella who is doing nicely for her age.I now weigh about375 pounds from eating. At work we always bring in doughnuts or cakes or something so that helped contribute nicely to the weight. I just finished supper, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, 3 doughnuts that my husband kept shoveling in my mouth. Lol! FOr desert I bought 2 layered chocolate cake with fudge on the inside, chocolate chips on the outside. It was really good since it was just for me! My husband is fit and skinny but can't gain weight no matter how hard he tries so he encourages me to gain. I'd say the food I ate could feed a little over 3 people.
Heavygurl Heavygurl
3 Responses May 11, 2012

Wonderful appetite you have!

Wow! 240 lbs. in 2 years? That's awesome! What do you weigh now? :-)

It can feed a little over 3 people or 1 of you! ;)