Gaining Weight For The First Time... And Loving It!

So I just recently turned 18, and I've always been a very slim/skinny girl. However, in the last summer I've been extremely sedentary. Pretty much all I've been doing is sitting in front of the tv and stuffing my face. Usually this doesn't matter because I have a fast metabolism, but since I've been just sitting around all the time it's really started taking its toll. Add that to the fact that my friends and I have been going out to eat constantly (and I always order the huge combos and finish everything... I love food), and you've got a recipe for fatness.

Where once you could see my ribs there's now rolls. The pants I was wearing at the beginning of the summer are so tight, I have a huge muffintop and my gut spills over the front. I went from 116 to 140 in three and a half months, and I'm LOVING IT. I've always loved fat, but I never thought I'd ever gain myself. Feelings my thighs rub together as I walk and my stomach hang out the bottom of my tight shirts is so satisfying. Having a chin rest on another chin is pretty amazing too. For the first time I have love handles and fat rolls.

I'll probably continue gaining into my first year at college (I might just turn the freshman fifteen into the freshman 50). I love the fat, chubby, jiggly new me.
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What about the Sophmore 100?

Have you hit 200 now?

Thanks for sharing your story of transformation and how happy it's made you! May it always make you happy! :)

Hi nice story i hope that you also gained. Pls contact me in private message i will tell to you history of my fat

Hey WGE--It's a wild thing to gain weight---and all of a sudden realize that you enjoy the new you... and then actually discover that WANT to GAIN more... I would encourage you to check out the "Health At Every Size" and "Fat Acceptance" movements---an AWESOME site/resource for both is "More of me to love" at There's a whole world of us "fatties" out here... love it!

that is SUPER GREAT!!! Keep it up