Reasons I Love Being Fat (so Far)

I have just begun to accept my fat (I've put on 13 pounds over the past two months), and I have, so far, found several things that I enjoy about it.

1. Warmth

My belly is increasingly becoming warmer. I find myself, when it's cold, placing my hands on my belly to warm them up. When I sit down, I have a slight space between my lap and my belly to stick my fingers under (that is really warm!). It's like having a heating pad.

2. Padding

I have noticed my seats at university begin to feel a bit better on my butt, as well as the chair I sit in for much of the day at my house. It's nice; I am bringing my own cushion around with me.

3. Eating

This has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I no longer worry about calories or what others will think; I now have fewer qualms about snacking constantly.

4. Exercise

I never liked exercise. Now, I don't even have to let exercise cross my mind (aside from walking to school 1.6 miles a day).

More will probably come up as I gain; these are just the observations I have noticed so far!
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4 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Good observations!

I have never been fat until recently. I found that actually contrary to popular opinion that being fit and fat is healthy. I went from 190 to a fat 225 to 235. The weight went right into my belly. I gained the weight very slowly it took a year. I learned from some research I did since I gained the weight very slowly my body has become accustomed to me being fat and I will never be able to lose the weight. What has happened which I like I have just accepted the fact I will alway be fat and that is just who I am.

I found once I became fat I like being fat, I was amazed. The only problem I have is that my belly pulls on my lower back and my messes up my posture, I found a solution I decided to wear a girdle, I was completly amazed as to the effect wearing a girdle had on me. Once in a girdle it doesn't really hold my tummy in, it just supports me. I found that the support is wonderful, I no longer have to try and hold my belly in, and I no longer have any lower back pains.

Has any of you had this problem of lower back pain?

I like being fat personally. It gives me satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

I fully agree with you. Since I became fat I feel much better about my physique.

I weigh 126 lbs, pretty close to underweight if not actually there, and I have some of the problems you used to (cold easily, everything's hard on my rear end, etc.). Sometimes I wonder about gaining some, but I'm always a bit afraid to, that I might lose my health or not be able to stop. We'll see. . .