The Key To Becoming Fat

I have never been fat until about a year ago. I found out that actually being fat is healthy contary to what is said in the media. I did some research and found out that gaining about 25 to 35 pounds is best, and to keep somewhat fit and fat. I found out that inorder to become fat and stay fat it is best not to rush into gaining the weight, go slow and increase your calories. The worse thing you can go is try and rush being fat it takes your body a little time to adjust being fat. The really good news is that by going slow wants you have gained the weight over say 6 months to a year you will never be able to lose the weight and will remain fat for the rest of your life. By also going slow you become much more accustomed to the new you and your new body as a fat person and that is who you are.

I followed this advise I went from 190 - 5'9" to now a fat 235. The good news in my case all of the weight went right into my belly. By going slow I found to my pleasant surprise I just became very use to being fat. The key to good health is being fit and fat and staying that way. I decided not be become obese and I found being as fat as I am with a fairly large belly that I really like having a belly, I am completly amazed as to how great you feel with a large belly - I never realized.

The only problem I have had is once I became fat is that my belly pulls on my lower back and effects my posture. I decided since I realized I gained weight slowly and will always be fat and it will be impossible for me to lose the weight I located a corsetier for a fitting in either a girdle or a corset. I found after some consultation and a fitting my belly now is well supported in a girdle and my posture is much imporved and I no longer have any lower back pains and the good news I still have a fairly fat belly, but it nice and firm.

Has anybody else had this experience.
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Jan 7, 2013