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Being Fat Is Awesome!

I spent years battling the bulge and finally decided it was time to indulge it instead.  I replaced dieting and exercise with overeating and inactivity.  So far, I've packed on 80 pounds of fat and I plan to add a whole lot more.  The only thing I love more than being fat is getting even fatter.

happyfatty happyfatty 46-50, F 84 Responses Jan 17, 2010

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Any progress in the last 5 years? Ive just started letting go and accepting fatness myself... Im up almost 70 lbs so far!

Since I wrote that story, I've gained more than 100 pounds.

I would love to feed you and make you the fattest queen of your dreams.

Hi there, I love big girls, I'm a big guy myself. I don't call myself a gainer or anything like that. But I do not mind my weight at all, do I want to become immobile or anything? No, that's not my goal.

I'm just me, I'm just a normal guy that likes to eat good tasting food at proper meal times. But I do love big girls, and I love it when girls love their big body and belly and love eating too, and being lazy is attractive to me as well and, not stuffing themselves or anything like that, but aren't one of those girls that eats a leaf for lunch either. I wouldn't want them to become so big they have to waddle around until they become immobile or anything either.

But with that said, I love big sexy fat (and when I say fat, i don't mean it in a bad way either) confident women who love their big bodies and are happy being fat :). I would love to have a women like that as a girl friend. If there is any big women who is exactly like what I describe reading this and are interested in a relationship with a guy like me, please feel free to send me a message :).

My feelings as well. Would you like to be fattened up huge and feed your lover as well?

Oh my, does it make you feel sexy ?

just got my first roll!!

Congratulations! :)

fat is the best love the giggles and woobles so fun being a fat person OBESEITY FTW!!

Especially tons of fat making you blobby and voracious! ;0

YEAH!! after reading this went from 189 to 448

yeah fat is the best because I just gained 250 pounds and still going strong!!

No wonder my pants won't button! This article caused them to shrink!

you go girl! haha keep on gaining ;)

I just gained 10 pounds whoo my stomach jiggles and jiggles❤️

Good job, Wider Wolf! Keep on gaining!

Thank you so much!

You're quite welcome! Get huge!

I am really fat about 347 and I love it I get more attention and I am real lazy.My stomach jiggles when I play with it and it's awesome I eat 2 Big Macs 2 days a week,and if you are not fat I reallllly recommend it
Ps being fat is soooooo fun!!!

347 is a fun weight to get to isn't it?

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I'm 13 5'1 and 94-95 lbs and I wanna know what it's like to be at least a little big. I heard it makes you depressed and you are hot all the time. I want to be fat for a day. Could anyone tell me what it's like to be big?

everyone has their own experiences but i really love it. I'm 223 lb and 17 years old and currently gaining like crazy hehe. I would recommend gaining weight :) it's been so fun for me. I sit around and eat and stuff my face and having a round jiggly belly to play with. Being fat does not make you depressed or hot lol. Being fat is like having a lot of cuddly chub with a big belly you stuff with food until it hurts and pops your jeans. its hard to be active tho but i hate sports and stuff so thats okay. I actually like shopping when your fat because too-small-shirts look soooo sexy when my belly hangs out.

Nice way to describe it :)

thank you sweetie, for sharing. I am about to turn 40 and, since I got married 3 years ago, I have become obese. My husband loves it and all I want to do is keep getting fatter. I can't believe I feel this way but I do. Thanks for sharing, fellow fattie!!

You grow,girl!

And I love you being fat and getting even fatter!

I am 27 years old and I weigh 479 pounds! Love it!

Good job! You're so fat...I'll join you! :)

you look delicious ;-) keep that belly growing strong sweet girl.

love your stories on here

Me too!

Gain 100 pounds yet?

Since I wrote the story I've gained another 80 pounds.

Good job, Bulging Beauty! ;)

Awesome! :-)

I have!!! More like 159 pounds!!!! I got it all in my belly and butt in the past 7 months!!!

159 pound gain?

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Are you people trying to kill yourselves, or just plain stupid? Do you not realize over eating and obesity are the number one reason why so many people in this world are over weight and unhealthy. You may say your happy being fat, and of course its great to love yourself for who you are and being comfortable in your own skin, but think about all the loved ones you are hurting by hurting yourself with nutritional neglect and ignorance for the way you treat your body. You will die sooner, and develope more diseases and illnesses because of the life you live, which will result in a difficult life. So you may be happy now, but its not right and it won't last long.

So you're telling us to what, go anorexic or something? Super skinny? How about- Hell No. Being fat is good. Some guy survived a bullet cause it teared through his fat. Some people cushion car accidents and other fatal injuries with their layers of flab. You don't even really feel warmth on a skinny lady/man, and curvy=beauty, not looking like a tiny pretzel stick. I personally don't like the fact of ever being Morbidly obese, maybe a little obese, but Overweight is good for me. I'm nothing near there yet :( but I try. I feel super skinny. I feel like someone who would punch me right now will feel bones. Not flesh. I would puncture my rib cage, lol. Now if I was fat, the person would just bounce right off me. Lol, I tried to punch one of my fat friends because he hurt my bro (idk why) and when I punched him in the gut I literally got pushed back 2 feet because my fist bounced out his flesh. lmao. Being fat=Being proud. If you're fat and not proud, my friend, you have a problem. It's called "Skinny"

Love your response!

Such a lovely idea

Very lovely! Time for me to gain 80 more pounds!

At least that much ;)

Mmmmm....I like the "weigh" you think! :) ( . )

Well, when it comes to one good turn deserves another, I like to think that is referring to the dial of a scale ;)

As well as one good roll deserves another too! ;)

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Could you ever believe that this experience would get over 12,000 views? Amazing!

can someone please help fatten me up? inbox me pleaseee

You Should Try Eating Handfulls Of A Large Bag Of Chips, That way You Would Beable To Force The Body To Cunsume, Try Eating Full Size Of Chips Everyday Thatll Give Your body So Many Calories To the Body That It Would Forced To Make Fat.

I'm sorry, but I can't send any messages to you. I get blocked! :(

sit around and just eat fast food every day, we need more fat people!! no more skinny!!

Glad to hear you have given up on all that craziness and started letting yourself get sexy!!!

Yeah me too. I am now a huge fatty and love getting fatter :)

I wish I was! :)

You will get there :)

One fatroll at a time! :P

You are exactly the beacon I'm looking for. I spent most of my life ridiculing fat people and never thought I'd be one myself. But, without even trying I found myself suddenly overweight. I tried to shed the pounds but that didn't work out. What I discovered was that I liked being fat. and before long, I embraced it, just as you did. Now I am obese and love it it. Too bad obese sounds so bad. I like to think of myself as fat and getting fatter. I feel much better now that I am a fatty.

Yeah its great isn't it, to finally accept you are fat and embrace it. I was like you as well. I never thought I would become fat and when I did I tried to lose it, but now I like it and enjoy the way it looks and feels :o)

Do you think I'd look good with another 80 pounds?

I Am So Skinny That You Could See My RIBS!!!!! I Dont Wanna Get that Fat I Just Want To But About 6 Pounds On My Belly And A Bit to Cover My Ribbs Thats All, Can You Help Me?

I want to be fat too!!! Only... I am eleven and im only 85 pounds. The worst part... My mom and dad and sister are sorta big and they r dieting!!!! So what do i do!?!??!! I want to get fatter

good for you :) as long as your happy thats how you should be

Dont listen to the crap ppl say about health issues. Im 430 lbs and I can still outrun most ppl my age. just embrace the fat and gain but move around a lot so ur body gets use to it. And i hope u can soon become as big as me :)

Jigglybelly - I 100 percent agree - I have never been fat until a short while ago.
I started gaining slowly I am up to 225, and I am really getting a belly. What I learned is it is best to gain slowly so you can stay fat, it becomes then impossible to lose the weight you body just becomes accustomed to in a sense your new fat body. I never realized how great it feels. I found that I like being fat, but I agree stay fit and fat and that is the key.

It's okay to be a little overweight but let's face the facts- obesity leads to many health complications. High blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, immobility, diabetes and death (to name a few) Consider your overall health and well being. That extra weight is no good for anyone no matter what. I was always overweight and recently I lost 10 pounds and I'm never going back to fat. There's so much relief on your body when you lose weight.

I'm not listening to you. I can be fat if I want and my body can handle it.

if you love it who are we to try and change your mind? i wish you the best of luck happiness and health in your endeavor.

Hey look i understand why some ppl like being fat but i think they should lose the wieght , feel what its like to be skinny an then if they like skinny watch what they eat and stay skinny if the dont like it, it only takes a few months to gain all the weight back plus more. I was always told around 8 yrs old i was fat needed to lose weight then at 13 puuberty kicked in and i lost wieght i felt how good itfelt to be able to run and beat someone in a race and i would never get myself fat again..... but if i had a girlfirend that wanted to get fat fine she can idc as long as she doesnt suck me into gaining wieght to