I Love My Belly

I am an old man. I've spent my entire life being ashamed of carrying 'extra' weight. In the past few years it has been more and more of a

struggle. One morning I looked in the long mirror  -  and liked what I saw, a nice round belly. So I decided then and there that I would

enjoy being fat, and allow the pounds to come on as they might.

I  am now a nice 210 lbs, and I am definitely a fat man. I love it, and I want to get fatter. It gives me a thrill every time I get on the scales

and see another pound or two added. I love being able to grab folds of lyself, and I love the big round curve I carry in front of me now.

Who cares what people think? I like myself as a fat man. It gives a kick to life that I can change myself in a way I like.

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It's a great feeling isn't it. The older I have got, the more I started to not care what people thought about me putting on weight. I too am proud of my now very big fat belly. Glad you are enjoying the same thing too :o)

Good to meet a like minded fat man.
I now have a very big soft belly hanging way down. It's a long time
since I last saw my male bits, and I have to search down there to
locate them with my hand. Lovely big manboobs too.
Walking is lovely with everything swaying and jiggling, even if I
get out of puff. In the summer, I wear short sleeve shirts untucked, to let my belly show to all and sundry. People stare, but
I'm proud of what I've become. I don't know how it will end up,
but I shall fight against losing any of this lovely fatness.

Yeah me too. I have a huge belly hanging down over my waist band and I am constantly admiring it when I pass a mirror or window. I just can't resist it. I have a nice double chin now which I like. I look so different to what I used to look like. It's like looking at a stranger in the mirror sometimes.

What you say about looking at a stranger made me
realize - that's what it's about. We can change ourselves
into what we want to be
The belly and the double chin are the real us. Let it come.

Yeah we can and its liberating to do and watch as we change. :o)

I agree with you it does feel great - I went from 190 to now 235, about 25 pounds went right into my belly. The only problem with having a fat belly is that it pulls on my lower back and gives me lower back pains plus it effects my posture. I decided since I like being fat to be fitted in a girdle that supports my fat belly and I have now great posture and no more lower back pains and I can stay nice and fat.

Sorry to hear about your back problem, but it's good that
you have a solution.
I had to decide whether to wear a belt below my belly, or to buy trousers with a huge waist. I settled for the low
belt because I love to emphasise the overhang of my gut.
Do you plan to let the weight go on building? If so, how far will you go? I don't really want to put too much risk on
my health, but the temptation to get ever fatter is great.

What I found about wearing a girdle is I love how it supports and holds my fat belly. The key part about being fat is to gain the weight very slowly that way you will not be able to lose the weight and you will always be fat. The other key part of being fat is to be "Fit and Fat", I found this is far better then being "skinny". As far as gaining more weight I like exactly how fat I am. I was never fat now that I am fat I found to my surprise I actually like being fat - I am amazed that I actually like being a fat person and that is who I am now and always will be.

I wear a support vest as it hugs your belly and back nicely. But sometimes I just like to feel it all hang loose so I can jiggle it about :o)

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its good to hear you don't hate it anymore. when life gives ya lemons make lemonade... THEN DRINK IT!

Getting fat is so relieving. I agree with you. Not caring about how disgustingly fat i have become is great. I even find myself getting sexually exited when my wife or friends make comment or I see people looking at me with disgust. <br />
I just love wearing my tight shorts with my big fat soft gut hanging out for everyone to see.

That feeling of letting go completely and just watching the belly
get bigger and bigger is, as you say, such a huge relief.
My body wants to be fat, so I'm letting it have its way, and really
loving the result.
By the way, I don't agree that your fat is disgusting. It's meant to
be that way. Be proud o your lovely belly.
Isn't the feeling of clothes being too tight exciting. I agree about very tight shorts.

Oh please do demonstrate this exercise for me! I must learn it, too, as I am a growing girl!

I do that exercise too! By the way, my grandfather was very fat with a huge belly and he lived well into his 90's.

i love being fat but i too have some back problems. there is one exercize that does help but it looks a little lame. put your arms back and with the outside of the wrist put them on your lumbar region. now lean back as far as you can and repete as much as you can also thrust your pelvis outwards at the same time. your friends will laugh at you if they see you do this but it does help.

You might think about what I did locating a corsetier for a fitting in a girdle. I tried exercise and it did not work, but once I was fitted in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle I was really pleasantly surprise. The girdle supports my fat belly so when I stand up the girdle holds me in, my posture improved and I no longer have any lower back pains. I notice also with the stomach supported I have a dramatic increase in energy and confidence - I was amazed.

I love to waddle and sway as I walk.

You got that about being fat is great, looking back over it I wish I had been fat long time ago. The only problem I have once I started to become fat is I found that my stomach pulled on my lower back and I needed some kind of stomach and back support. I went to a corsetier who looked at my fat stomach and she put me in a girdle. Being firmly girdled did solve my lower back problem.

I am glad you enjoy the way you are. Being fat is great. I hope you continue to enjoy the belly and being a fat man. I know I do.

It's obvious that many of us fat men really enjoy fatness. Can
you say exactly what it is that you find so enjoyable? For me it's
the feeling of letting go completely and letting my body take over.
That and grabbing big folds of my belly!

I love the way my stomach looks and feels. The way it sticks out but started to hang down the bigger and fatter I have got. I love looking at my fat body if I pass a window or mirror. I love playing with it. I also love the way my shirts are tight and my neck collar too and so this makes my now double chin more prominent. I love now being able to eat whatever I want and know I will be gaining more and more weight as I have to eat more and more to get full. Knowing I don't care what other people say to me anymore as I am now happy on the inside being a big fat guy and being who I am meant to be. :)

I have never been fat, but I found out that actually as you become older it is healthier to be fat then skinny, as long as you are fit and fat. I decided to go from 190 to 210 and I found as I became fat that surprisingly I found that I really like being fat.

I think us older men are meant to be fat. We can sit there with
a massive belly lying on our lap and cuddle it.
I grew a big white beard as well, so I see myself as Santa Claus.
I feel quite fit with my fatness, so I think it's the right way to be.
Greetings to all happy fat men.

Yeah I agree with you. I also let my beard grow fuller and find it makes my face look fatter. :o) Greetings to you too from a fellow fatty :)

Mike - I agree I have now gone from 210 to now 250. The weight all went right into my belly. Yes to support my belly I have to wear a very firm boned zippered panty girdle. What I like about being fat and needing to wear a girdle when I stand up the girdle gives my stomach needed control and support, but it still can stick way out - I can now no longer see my feet.

Good for you mike. It is a great feeling to enjoy your fat and now you are free. I love it too. It is a great experience. As i gain more toward my goal i will see if i am brave enough to show my belly. I have only worn my tight clothes around the house and not out in public. I'll see how it goes.

I want to encourage you. I was nervous too, but once you've done it you'll find people don't take a lot of notice.
It's so good that there are men learning to enjoy their fatness
instead of being ashamed. After all, if your body shows it wants
to be fat, why waste your life fighting against it?
Give in, let it have its way. Love your fatness. Go out with a big belly and let people see the way you are.

I agree. No point fighting it. I wasn't sure about it when I started to gain weight, but then after a while it didn't bother me and I now love it and started to make myself fatter on purpose as I loved the way I was looking and the feeling I get from it. If you want to be fat then let it all hang out and be proud. If you are walking around with confidence then no one will care.

All this encouraging conversation about the joys of getting fat have given me the determination to get even fatter. Can anyone give me good advice about fattening food? I don't like stuffing myself, and would rather find foods that have lots of calories.
Any suggestions about good sources of clothes for
fat men that are reasonably good to look at?
I'm really looking forward to next summer, when I
plan to show off my belly to all and sundry with no need for a coat and wearing shirts that are bursting their buttons.

go for it and enjoy every moment of it... :-)

What ever turns you on,its your body.