How School Friends Initiated Me in Getting 'Shared'.......

          My boobs were too big for my age ...They always attracted attention from others --It was so right from my school days.....I enjoyed guys and gals,  staring at them....Loved when someone crushed them in crowd......Or touched them deliberately........ I wanted the guys or gals to press them nicely to send shivers  in my whole body, and that happened most of the times as my boobies always stood out and got attention in crowd...
      With just some touching, my nipples would grow stiff and would poke out from under my blouse or top.....I had long pointed nipples...I loved getting my boobies matter who did that.....And this was since my boobs were just orange size.......I loved travelling in crowded trains and buses as I enjoyed getting groped  with guys and gals touching me intimately. Some of them in the crowd, would manage to put their hands under my blouse and fondle them nicely..It made me wet and breathe hard......
       I had many friends but Rahul and Roy were more closer....We loved to move together...They used to take me to theaters for films and  made me sit between them...In the dim theater light, they would fondle my young boobs and  massage my  bare thighs..Sometimes they would nibble my ear lobes and kiss me on my mouth....Sometimes their hands would creep near my ***** and touch it.....Slowly they progressed to one putting his tongue in my mouth while the other pressed my ****......I loved that...If Rahul sat on my left side he would take my left *** and leave my right boob for Roy to play with.........I never knew when they made me hold their stiff hard peckers ....I loved the feel of their young ***** trying to twitch hard in my hands.....
     As days passed they persuaded me to go with them without wearing bra or panties... -..This always made me wet thinking of the fun ahead......They said,  without my panties and bra-- made it easier for them to pull out my boobs and explore my *****....I .. knew they wanted  to touch me bare and expose me...They loved to display me to the audience at  will and the audience always enjoyed.. .... I had started liking that.......
        It became a routine for us to go to the theaters... They always made me sit between them.....They would select the seats in the middle and  by the aisle to make it convenient for others to sit by our sides and to watch them playing with me.......Even the Theater staff knew us well and some of them used to participate in the fun regularly as and when they got time.....
            Till my stroking made their ***** spill the cream,--- they could make me experience multiple *******...They would hold me tight when my body shook in Orgasmic throes as I enjoyed that....I  loved to sit with my eyes closed and enjoyed what was coming.....My body responded nicely and always wanted more.......
      This routine went on for some time till one day I felt a stranger's hands coming from behind and first lightly touching my **** and then mauling them nicely...It was clear there was some other young stud whom they had invited to take part in the fun.. .....New pair of hands on my body was making me all excited and wet and Rahul and Roy, knew , I liked that.........
    I enjoyed the strangers joining the play as it was more fun..It gave me added kick.....Those hands all over my body and their passionate kisses made me almost scream with joy...The session ended with my milking all the  hard ***** that came before me.....
      This became almost a routine with them....Inviting more and more---to join in the fun......And some of them total strangers .. On a few occasions they invited young gals to share seats by my side and allowed them to feel me........Once I could see Reena our classmate,  sit by my side and exploring my body...Like an expert, she felt my exposed boobs, played with them , kissed me and made me all horny...She brought a few of her friends too during subsequent visits..They would also allow me to touch their boobies..... They could see  I was enjoying  that...
                 Gradually I could see Rahul and Roy---vacating their seats for their friends ........ Being felt by new hands took me to new heights.....It made me more horny and want for more and more...It was clear---Both of them also enjoyed watching me getting fondled at the hands of their friends...
                Rahul and Roy were getting bolder....They knew -  I enjoyed being exposed and displayed to an audience......
        I guessed, their next move would be to encourage active audience participation...
         They would select a place for me so that the seat was easily accessible as well as visible.........
     As soon as we sat in our seats and the lights went dim, they would slowly open the buttons of my blouse in such a manner that those around, could clearly see what they were doing...While I was being exposed---they would guide my hands to their stiff *****......They would slowly  pull out my big young boobs one after other and display them deliberately to the audience...They would maul my boobs and suck my nipples to make them hard for the onlookers .
      When they would  open my skirt ....invariably the  audience would move closer as they wanted a closer look...They enjoyed my being exposed sensuously and displayed for their pleasure...Some of them would feel my body....They knew I loved that....
      Rahul and Roy, would kiss me, maul my **** and finger my clitty --.They would encourage some from the audience to play with my exposed boobs...Some would explore my clitty  --- some would force their tongues in my  mouth while playing with my ****...........Most of the times they would make me experience continuous ******* ---just playing with my body.......
      Sometimes some of them would touch  Rahul and Roy's hard *****........Their young ***** were full of energy and twitching nicely...I could see, it was tempting for many in the audience to touch and feel the twitching young *****.......But most of the times their ***** would spurt in my hands making my hands sticky..............
           All this made me wet... I wanted some stiff hard ***** to fill me up....Exposing, displaying and strangers playing with my young body -- gave me a strong kick.............My body was responding well  ..It gave me new level of pleasure.......
      I loved strangers touching my body........Audience participation made me more and more horny....Every session would make me experience multiple *******....My body was always demanding some stiff hard ****  to fill me up and pound me hard...And sometimes that happened too...
       I loved tasting new *****.... I loved getting  pounded by young studs while being held exposed...I loved  my boobs and ***** displayed ....The eager audience watching,  gave me lot more added pleasure........
         I never hesitated in  exposing young ***** before me... was fun holding a hard **** and play  with it and feel it twitching nicely in my hands...........Some times we used to collectively milk the young *****...It was great fun and I used to love that especially when the **** was spurting and shaking..........
      And luckily, in married life, I got Hubby who also loved me exposing his **** to others..He loved to expose me and display me to others.... He  loved to watch me getting fondled by others....He liked to watch me play with hard twitching *****.....It was he who persuaded me, to be taken by his friends one by one. He loved  watching this and I started loving it too........ .I could see his **** immediately get up all stiff and hard -- Just watching me being exposed, displayed and then taken by his friend gave him a strong kick too..........
     My body loved being fondled openly....and always craved for more and more...........
     This is  how I got addicted to the joy of getting shared......
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i want to **** you so bad!!

wow what a nice introduction

This is my idea of sharing

I had a good time reading your dtories,hope you will enjoy mine also,

I have only ever shared her once,we were at a party and she had been drinking,which she would not usually do.She was getting flirty with this surfer dude which was also unusual for her and I suggested she have a dance with him,well she just strode right up to him and said "c'mon lets dance".I sat back and watched to see what would happen and pretty soon I seen his hand dropping down to her ***.I got a ***** right there and then and decided to see where this would go.So after another dance she comes back to me and I notice she is flushed and out of breath a little."Did you enjoy that"I asked and she replied ÿeah".So I plied her with more drinks and after about an hour I suggested we should go soon,but she wanted to stay and have some fun for a change.So I suggested we should go home but ask surfer dude if he needed a lift,this was done and he came with us in our car but as his home was past our place I suggested he should sleep it off at our home.Well she surprised me when she suggested he should sleep in our bed as we didn't have another bed ready.I quickly agreed and we all showered and slipped off to bed.I don't know why he didn't find this arrangement a bit strange but he just acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing.At first we just lay there with my wife in the middle so I started to caress her body and soon found myself bumping into his hands all over her as well.One thing led to another and before I know it he has her legs up over his shoulders and is about to enter my wife's beautiful *****.I leaned over and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted and she just said Ït's too late now"and at that moment he leaned forward and rubbed the head of his **** along her soaking wet slit.Another thrust forward and he was half in her and she was moaning like I never heard her moan before.His **** was a lot thicker and a good deal longer than mine and I knew he was going to be going places I had never been before.I swear when he pushed all the way in I could see by the look on her face that she was close to her first ******."That feels so good "she said and he commented that this was a nice tight *****,tighter than many he had before,I knew what he felt because my little **** was the only one to ever be there before that night.She came a couple of times before he unloaded in her and he seemed to *** in her for minutes.When he pulled out I seized the day and went down to eat his *** out of her stretched and inflamed *****,leaving my arse in the air and open to attack,he didn't need an invitation and pushed his big knob into my virgin arse,man it hurt for a while until he had that knob past my sphincter and started to push his length into me.I was in Seventh heaven,a face full of *** ridden ***** and an arseful of **** .It wasn't long before he deposited another load in me and I had the same look on my face as the wife.Before he left in the morning I sucked him to full size again and watched on jealously as he pumped another load into my wife.That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen,watching her ***** lips being spread wide and that lovely **** pushing all the way into the hilt.

Sadly we never met him again and there was no repeat performances( I think when she sobered up her Catholic upbringing caused her a lot of guilt),but I will always have those memories and I have bought a lifelike ***** to slip into her when she gets a bit tipsy and remind her what a real **** felt like.

Got hard

Awesome story. I would love to play in your circle.

Hope you like this story from my youth.

When I was 25 I was working as a bowser boy and had the whole site to myself for 24 hours every second weekend.One Saturday this young girl comes in (13 yo she said)and has no money but would like a cigarette,well being the kind guy that I am I started to supply her with cigs each weekend.

One late afternoon she came in and was all google eyed and I thought she was getting keen on me so I asked her if she would like to see the back office.She agreed and as soon as we were back there I had her in my arms and was kissing her.

She was really responding nicely so i slipped a hand into her panties and found the most soft pubic hair I have ever felt.It was short but not cut and soft as a babies head and when I started to rub her **** she made no attempt to stop me,in fact she really did seem to enjoy it.

I slipped my hand a little further inside her panties and found her slit was nice and wet so I started to caress her ***** lips while rubbing her **** with my thumb.

She appeared to be new to this game so I pulled my **** out and guided her hand onto it,she soon started to enjoy this as much as i was so I put my hands on the back of her head and gently pushed it down,she looked up at me and I could tell it was going to be her first head job.

I told her not to worry and just start licking it like a lolly pop which she did and was soon polishing away like an old hand at it,not wanting to spoil her first hj i did not force it down her throat but kept telling her how great it felt.

At this point it was time for me to attend to a customer and when I got back I picked her up and lay her down on the lunch table.I pulled her panties off and looked at the finest young ***** I had ever seen.

I wasted no time in going down and lapping up her juices and slipping a couple of fingers into her tight box,she didn't seem like a virgin but it was the tightest little ***** i had ever fingered.She was getting just as excited as I was when I asked her if she wanted my ****.She said "Yes please "so innocently that I thought maybe this was her first time.

I pulled her little body closer to the edge with her legs resting on my shoulders and lined my **** up for the first push and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted.

She answered "yes,but please be gentle".So I started to push my dickhead between her lips and it was so wet and slippery that it just popped inside and she gave out a little squeal which I was not sure was from pleasure or pain but it was too late now and I pushed a bit more inside her.

This had to be the tightest ***** I had ever been in and it felt great(which seems strange to me now as when I **** the wife i like it to be wet and wide and preferably with some other guys ***** for lube).I pushed all the way in now and started to give her a good *******,well she gave me a good ******* too.

After a while I told her I did not want to *** in her ***** and that her *** would be safer for both of us,she was not sure as she told me she had never done it like that before but I convinced her that it was best if we wanted to avoid pregnancy as when I was ready to *** there was no way I would be able to pull out.I told her that tight little ***** would drain every drop of ***** out of me and assured her she would probably enjoy *** ******* too.

I then pulled out and lined my **** up with her ***,but thought I had better get her ready with first one and then two fingers in tight little hole ,pulled them out and with a last dip in her ***** to wet it down I started to inch my **** into her bum and boy was it tight with the head pushing in first and then having a rest for her to get used to it and also to give me a rest as it was so tight I was in danger of ******* before getting all the way in.

Then it was time to push all the way and I helped it along with a big gob of spit,man it felt so tight and warm,like a guy holding onto his **** as hard as he could.It didn't take long for me to blow my load as far up her virgin *** as i could and that certainly helped with the lube duties.I kept it in there until it was just shrinking and it came out with I could swear was a distinct pop.

I went round and kissed her lips and her face was all aglow ,like she had just had the most wonderful time.

We kept this up for a about a month until I was off for four weeks annual leave and when I returned she didn't come round again,I certainly missed her visits and wonder where she is now.

his would not be the only **** getting stiff

like them hard

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did it stop or do you still love to have this happen?

I am addicted to that

come on over

What an exciting story!!! I would so love to have been part of your audience then!!!

they did watch and touched me too...

Mmmmm - I would have done the same!

great Story - You are lucky. Your husband is Luckier..

thats an amazing story vanit.........reminds me of the time i was shared as well in the rear of a greyhound bus at 5 am as i woke up sporting an arched hard **** in my green tights very visible from the bathroom light on that morning 3 people couldn't resist peeling down my tights to expose my huge cockhead

Oh that must be fun...

it was so intense to wake up and being felt up...... at first i thought I was haven a dream, and I was suh a leaky boy in seconds, thats why I love to wear tights all the time to get others imaginations going, if not..... just a as well

I like the way you shares your it will be better if you do this with known people so safety reasons

yes you are right...I always get shared in known circle...

"Sharing is caring."

great story

Sounds like a good fun time for all

Yummy!!!..... so HOT!! Would love to share you.

Thanks honey...would u share with ur guy? Hubby likes to watch....



Wow I am really surprised you have not got more friends as you got my **** all eager and twitching after the first few paragraphs and love your style

really sharing is a fun...u r so lucky.

wow...wish I cud get to know u sumtime?

Wow old post but just as sexy today...

Can I see your sexy body ?

you are just like me


OMG awesome story. Could not read this with out growing stiff

Awesome story to share, and glad you enjoy it all.

I wanna share you too

third time i read this, and third time im totally hard.....

Damn you are naughty girl. Love you

SO believable ...😆

that is quite a story... and well told... my own excitement has been building as i followed the progress of ur evolution, and i know you both will fit right in to share the fun with me and my playful neighbors....;)

wow that's quite a story- damn girl you'd be so much fun on the bus!!

What a great story!

And I just thought I had fun

Such and incredible story. Your husband is one lucky guy.

Wow, if this story doesn't get you horny, you are dead ! Between touching your body and the thought of you milking a ****, I need to go find my wife for some relief.

Like that

Wanna go to a theater ? :)

WOW !!!

Sounds like quite the adventure, and a lot of fun along the way.. Love it all!


Your story has made my middle aged **** as hard as a teenagers! Thanks!

like that

What a beautiful story.

liked that? Thanks

I am so breathless and hard right now. What a story!

Liked that?

It's very difficult to find adventurous women around here! I've tried! Sharing you body is the way to go!

A very hot story, I wish I knew more women like you where I live!

Oh Missed a chance?

woo id just love to see you ? msg me please

liked the story?

mmm very nice id love to feel you up to

that is what happened in the dim light in the theater...and made me addict...

great post!

thanks honey...

hot sexy story

thanks buddy u liked it...

Mmm! Long may your fetish (addiction) continue.
Happy, horny UK couple.

That was a great story. everyone getting involved is so much fun. I can remember going to the pussycat theater in Long Beach Ca. On Carson st at Lakewood blvd. The pussycat showed x-rated movies. Normally they had pretty good movies, this was in the middle to late 70s. You had to be 18 to get in and it cost $5.00. If I didn't have the money I would park out in the parking lot behind the theater, and wait till some horny guy would come out of the back door and I would ask them if they wanted a *******, They always said yes, and I would suck them of in my truck and then I would ask if I could get 5 dollars so I could go in and see the movie, they would almost always give me the $5.00. But I would suck off 3 or 4 and sometimes 5 guys and get $5 from each of them so I would have some spending money. Then I would wait for someone to exit using the back door and I would catch the door before it closed and sneak in through the back. There was always guys stroking and sucking other guys in the theater, but the real action was down stairs in the bathroom. It was a big theater style 2 room bathroom with carpet wall to wall. There was a guy standing lookout at the door and he would whistle if any workers were coming in. I went in once and there was about 10 guys standing around with their peckers out and stroking them hard. one of them ask if I would suck his tool and I dropped to my knees and proceeded to suck him off. Another guy came up from behind me and pulled my shorts down and started to finger my butt hole, He had some lube and squirted it all over my rear, and slid his big erect penis into me all the way to his balls. While I sucked on another guy the next guy took his place behind me and entered me from the rear. I lost track of time, I might have passed out from the pleasure, cause the next thing I know its 6 pm Ive been there for 4 hours. I think everyone in that bathroom had anal sex with me or got a *******. I had a great time and left out the back door the same way I came in. I would visit that pussycat theater every weekend for a year at least.

Very arousing experience (s)! Thanks for sharing and I hope it inspires other women to the joy of being shared/watched!

it was fun that got me addicted to that...

Yes, I can understand and see why ;) I love sharing women, too! Very exciting and arousing for all involved!

ah it wud hv been better if u walked nude into the theatre and sit there n enjoy, n later *** out with all those ****, i guess u wont mind that too..

Incredible story, well exciting and so well written, thank you for sharing!

Sounds like fun, sweetie! :)

O! M! G!
Sooooo LOVE this... I'm dripping both physically & with jealousy...
I ACHE for this...

Very beautiful story! Thanks for sharing! I wish more women could learn how to really enjoy sex like you! You are a real woman!

thanks buddy

I would love to see that

now, this make me also want to see your boobs

like them?

so when can i sucks them

Oh I would also like to see your boobs! May I?

Wow,,,that was soo hot!!

Wow! Thanks for sharing your amazing story. ;-)

awesome wife material right there

very lucky lady

I loved your story of these boys daringly sharing you in a theatre!! It made me hard to the point of climax. You said your hubby shares you now and even encourages this.... My question is does he like to see you having sex with men? Is that what you mean by "sharing?"

yes...what is sharing a gal?

Lovely sexual rhetorical question

Wow, sweetie! What a hot, sexy, erotic, fun,
exciting, memorable series of nude, sexual,
sensual events! :) ;)

Sounds like fun for all involved!

yes made me addicted

Nice !

Later , when I have more time I will ********** to this story. It is very exciting. Thank You.

go ahead and do that

Thank you. Did you ********** after you wrote it ?

no need for that...

One of the hottest stories ever. I'm hard as a rock. Thanks for posting.

thanks u liked it...

Hot story, thanks

welcome buddy...

Great story

thanks buddy

delightful... sharing these delights takes you and the rest of us to a new high... even if we can't be there with you! :(

That is nice...may be would have enjoyed if u were there...

I can only imagine, vanit... can be a lot of fun... only one way to know for sure! :D

Love your story, here I sit all hard wishing it was my **** you were playing with

I also love being felt up in public....especially through my panties!

yes that is fun

very similar experience which I too enjoyed and also became addicted to.

Love to know details...why not write that so everybody can love reading?

I have.

its on my joycerf

Geez i wld luv to have a piece of u!

like that

U r soooo sexy i wld live to have u for a time. I cld 'abuse' as u wish then 'violate' u. Mmmmmm im in denton texas and u?

awww wat a story loved it ur experience

wow. great story

thanks...liked it...

I wish I was one of his fiends and got to share you!

I loved and enjoyed that so much...

Well you have got my **** all hard and twitching right now

Oh nice...Please do take good care of it...

can understand this! my young gf loves it too!

May be she too was made addicted to exposing to audience and shared and fondled?

I want to fondle u all over

Thank you for sharing. Very sexy. It got my **** straight up!

like that

mmmmmmmmmmmm I am so hard right now that

wish I had been sitting next to you and got to caress your boobs and feel your hand on my ****

that is what they made me do in the theater dim light...

daaaaaaaaaamn this is a serious story and experience

liked that?

ya that was ******* sexy

You are super hot sexy! Surely know how to have a great fun! Wish I had a changed to feel you as well. *kiss*

I can imagine what you could have done if got a chance to do that in the dim theater light...I love that too...

I love that story! That made me so horny!

Like that and wish some one takes care of that hard meat? made me really hard......i really want to see all these qualities in my wife...but she is conservative beyond anyone's expectations.

Wish I get the chance to play with you.. All your stories are most erotic and I love everything.. Every time I read it my **** gets hard and it wants your ***** to get in

Oh that is nice of ur ****..looks like it has lots of energy in it...

Yeah.... Tell me when your free so you can utilize that energy

like that and do that so often...

Yeah. Tell me when you are free as well as I would love to give you my ****

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Very well written and very naughty. Love a good dirty story that doesn't have many spelling errors in it, like one might normally find on here. Also enjoy women who take pleasure in being shared and exposed for all to see.

yes one gets addicted to enjoy the fun...

Seems like a lot of women on here enjoy being shared. (Or so they claim to, anyway.) But You're pretty descriptive in your stories, so I would assume them to be true. If they aren't, you still make an excellent erotic story. :)

So u got addicted to the joy of getting shared, why not share some photos of u.

why do u need pictures?

I dont need them dear, just like everyone I was a bit curious to see u.

Everyone is curious to see her