I luv to drive with my penis and testicals out and visible. At robots I time my driving that catch it when it is red so that people get a good look. Wile driving I play with my penis so that I have a good erection.
When I park I make it a rule to get out of my car with an erected penis hanging out. The idea is to do this without getting caught. Outside the car I put my penis and testicles back in my pants with the zipper remaining open with my penis just visible behind the open zipper.
I then go for a walk in a busy mall or street, approuch an outobank. New rule! My penis and testicles must hang out when I draw money and standing in front of the autobank and I must not get caught no matter how many people there is. I then put my genitals back (and not get caught) zipper remaining open and go to a shop or store.
In the shop I go to the back of the shop and take out my penis and testicles, play with it till I have an ****** (WOW) I then put my genitals back
zipper remaining open, collect what I want to buy and pay at the till ( zipper still open )
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

a friend that i new did the same car stunt as you he,s doing time now 2 years for indeasant exposure and 5 years on the sex ofenders register i hope you enjoy your time on it as some prudes bound to finger you eventialy

I need to start taking my hard **** out in public! What a turn-on! I am always trying to expose my wife's ****, but clearly there is excitement in having my **** exposed too. Maybe that should be my New Years resolution - to have my **** hang out of my pants at least once a week when I'm downtown.

would love an email from you telling me what places really make you hot showing your ccok. big grin!

ive taken it out in theaters, not just adult ones either. but will try again.