A Cruel Boy Who Became My Best Friend

I remember that since I was seven/eight I work Mums panties to school, I even saved up my pocket money, to buy my own panties, I remember going to the Ann Summers store in Taunton and buy my first panties from a lovely lady who was so kind to me, helping me to find the pair that best suited me, showing my how the crotch would get a tuck to hide my penis, which has never been big. But most of all I remember a boy at school, a school bully I guess he'd be called generally. The tough leader of a gang. I know that I always went for a pee in a cubicle, I have always sat down to pee. I think generally this must have seemed odd, anyway I was having a pee during playtime when he peeped over the partition at me, seeing my panties from that moment on he harried me, called me a cissy, made his friends act so cruelly to me that I hated him. I was scared of him, trying my best to always escape as far as I could from him. He was two years older than me, two classes ahead of me, so I did manage to stay away as much as I could. This day in school I needed to go to the toilet during class and had to ask the teacher for permission to go to the toilet. Going into the school yard and then to the toilets I could see a boy in one of the cubicles, he was pooping as I got in and hearing my footsteps he called out to me and asked if I could get him some paper. I recognised the voice, it was the bully who always terrorised me. But now he was pleading, because his voice sounded as though he was in pain. He had no idea who it was then and when I tapped his cubicle door and he opened it the look in his eyes, a pained look, then shock at seeing me, I guess a sort of immediate thanks that somebody helped him. He told me he had a bad tummy ache and please not to tell anybody that he had pooped his trousers. Although he was older than me and somebody I had hated, I ignored my need to have a poop and stepped inside his cubicle. I helped to take his trousers right off then his soiled boxer shorts. I asked him if he had finished on the toilet and he said 'no.' I went to the wash basin and got some napkins wet them and coming back to him I knelt and began to clean his thighs. At this point he asked why was I so kind to him, why was I helping him when he had always been so cruel to him. I just told him I would help anybody no matter what my feelings were. I had to leave his cubicle and dash to my own then to avoid messing my panties. I heard him wiping and cleaning up as I was going then he tapped on my cubicle door and asked if I was alright. I said yes fine and he asked if he could come in to me. I opened the door and he came in, he crouched and told me he'd never be cruel again, he held my hand and then suddenly we were kissing. It felt marvellous, this was the first male to make ne feel so sexy. He kissed me held my hard penis and massaged it until I ***. After this first time we became the best of friends, we still are.
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Awesome you are amazing and deserve all the happiness and pleasure you can get