That Was Her Favourite Part

Back when I was working as a male s t r i p p e r, I met a girl at one of my shows, and took her home with me. She found out how much I was turned on by naked women, that she decided to become a s t r i p p e r when she turned 18. As we had a few months still to wait, she got a lot of practice being naked in front of men mainly by our regular visits to a nude beach, and she loved it. We even both did a amateur nude catwalk modelling comp, and she entered a wet t-shirt contest, and won by taking off everything and doing a very explicit show to the crowd.

Anyway, we organized her a s t r i p p i n g gig in a pub on a Friday afternoon, which was the day after her 18th birthday . The deal was she was to do 3 s t r i p s, an hour apart. So in preparation, she ******** for me many times, and you can imagine that when we practiced s t r i p p i n g for each other, it was impossible for us to keep our hands to ourselves. When the day came, I had been, booked to s t r i p at a farewell party, so I regrettably missed her big debut. As I was removing my g string all I could do was imagine how tingly she must have felt when she removed hers as a s t r i p p e r for the first time.

When she got home I was about to ask her to tell me all about it, but before I could, she ripped her clothes off, then mine, and knelt down to give me one of her best b l o w j o b s. When she finished she said, "Thanks, I needed that". She was a bit confused because she had never seen female s t r i p p e r s, so she asked, "Are men supposed to touch me when I s t r i p? or am I supposed to stop them?"
I said, "Its up to you"
She said, "So its OK?"
I told her it was up to her, some did, some didn't, then she told me that towards the end of her first s t r i p one guy started feeling her t i t s, and she didn't know whether she had to stop them or not. Then after seeing this, during her second and third s t r i p s, from the moment she took her top off to expose her t i t s the men were almost non stop feeling them. I asked her if she liked that, and she said it was awesome, as good as showing my p u s s y to them, the only reason I moved away from them was because nobody else could see them. She said that she hoped that happened every time she s t r i p p e d. I told her that if she wanted the men to, and they didn't, she could always grab their hands and make them feel her t i t s, no man would refuse to co-operate lol. So as far as I know she had her t i t s felt in almost all her routines. She got a job in Sydney but state laws made it illegal to touch, so we moved to Queensland, where touching was not just the norm but it was expected. And it remained one of her most favourite parts of s t r i p p i n g
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31-35, M
Dec 10, 2012