Last Night At Party

Tiger always like to touch me in public, in front of his son, infront of his friends, co workes and sometimes even in front of strangers. He likes to show people that he owns me.
Last night one of his co worker has threw a party and we were invited, this time he allowed me to wear my lingerie underneath my dress.

I was talking to some of the wives of his co workers, when he called me, he runs his fingers into my hair and kissed me. He asked me to sit on his laps, I hesitated a little but I don't wanted him to feel bad, because I know he likes to show people he loves me and controls me, if I won't do as he said I will be making him feel embarrassed in front of his co workers. I did sit on his lap, like always I was wearing a high side slit backless dress with deep neck and without any stocking, so my legs got bare naked as slit was exposing them to a very height of my hips. All the men were staring at me legs.

Some minutes after that Tiger kissed me again and stated running his finger on my bare thighs, I was just smiling and waiting for the next, though I already knew what he is going to do next. He brought his mouth towards my ears and asked me to open my legs. I slowly separated my legs a little and Tiger's fingers were working on my inner thighs, I was started getting excited with the feeling of being touched in the public, I can't say that I like to be touched in public but I am surely getting used to it. Then he started touching me at my crotch putting away my dress and completely exposing my blue transparent thongs. Next he slide away my thongs and bared my crotch for everyone to see my excited ***** with nicely trimmed pubic hairs. His fingers were separating my exposed labia and my clitoris got so visibly erected as he was rubbing and stretching it mercilessly.

I was so lost in the dirty feelings and erotic sensations, slightly moaning and unwillingly putting up a show for everyone. And then Tiger just plucked one of my pubic hair, making me scream in the sweetest pain, brought me back to my senses, where I was being touched by him in front of some 50 people, Tiger smiled to my unaware shock. Tigers has pulled down my dress and started fondling my barely covered breast under my see through blue brassieres . He brought one of my breast out of my bra, he started pinching my nipples. I thoroughly fought my desires for about 15 minutes, then I ultimately surrendered and my ***** was so wet with my juices.

Tiger whispered in my ears that he care for my modesty, he loves me for being modest so he didn't exposed my other breast (probably he joked). As I stand up to get some air he grabbed my dress, again exposing my legs and my butts, I know he wanted people to see my excitement as my juices were running down through my naked thighs to my legs. I stay like that for 2 or 3 minutes then I asked one of the girl to show me the ladies room.

I was shivering with the excitement, I followed her and I washed off myself, I adjusted my dress. I came back to Tiger and we left for our house. On the way to our house Tiger said, next time you will not *** without being told to do so. I just nodded in yes and I asked him would he want to punish me. He said, you deserved it but  will save the punishment for some other time, he dropped me at the main gate and then went on for the meeting. 
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great story would had liked to seen you exposed

Lovely story Gurl... U made me hard n *** in my pants.. Mmmuuaaahh.. Wish I was there in the party

Nothing better than sex in public... :)

so hot sex

So i see you love your man, that is good i hope he is a good man in natures can we be friends

How delightful. He treats you well. Please check out my stories and add me

Hi dear.....can you add me as a friend? You are gorgeous!

i would love to show you off to the world knowing you will keep me at all cost.

just a good narration and I love the flow of events and also the originality in the story