Aggressive Cuddling

Most men cannot satisfy a truly sexual woman, in that she will always be ready for more. Or, at least, that's what it's like in an optimal world.

How to solve this dilemma? I was never into the pillow talk thing, and would prefer to get out of bed and bathe, or kick him out and have some "me time" in the afterglow of coupling. But the men I ended up marrying insist on more together time.

They take advantage of my exhaustion (resisting and screaming is hard work); as one of them points out, there is not much difference between cuddling and holding me down so I don't get away. One of them calls it cuddling, I call it imprisonment, and he likes using his mouth to hold me down, as well as his arms and legs.

My resistance to the other one turns him on, even if his **** is unable to get hard after our half-dozen preceding *****, and he keeps at it. He likes fingering me to squirting, and leaving bruises on my **** and throat as he forces his lips, tongue, and teeth over my mouth, face, ears, nipples, breasts ... he loves hearing me scream and holler as my ****** mounts and crashes over us!

Kissing as a prelude to sex does nothing for me, since if I'm with him, I want to **** -- and fast. But after he's ****** me several times and pumped load after load into me, I become less able to resist him. And his post-orgasmic state makes him want to touch my sensitive bits and experience the extension of our sex.

Who can resist such aggressive cuddling? Over time, I've learned to expect and enjoy it, but nothing is like those first confusing times when he forced me to kiss him back. Then again, it's not really kissing -- it's more like being fully and totally consumed!
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

hereinportland, that seems like a very polite way of saying that! ;)

You are an interesting and different sort of woman.

zandergh, i know i'm high maintenance in terms of my sex drive, and it's best to be with men who are bullies.