Bus Grope

My cousin Cheryl always had a crush in me since we were kids. We had taken a vacation together to Canada. At the airport we had to take a bus from the terminal to the aircraft on the Tarmac. The bus was crowded and Cheryl and I were pressed together facing each other. She suddenly planted a kiss on me and slid her tongue into my mouth. She unzipped my pants and started to play with my penis. Just as we arrived at the aircraft she pushed my hardon back into my pants and zipped me up. She walked off the bus as if nothing happened. Luckily we were sitting next to each other in coach and were able to continue where we had left off.
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4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Wow - great beginning of a story.... aren't you going to finish it for us.... Come on ... so far so good...

lucky you !!

The flight was typical..hand job and some finger *******.

Fabulous sweetie