The power of a vagina

She can help make a miracle happen and put life in your hands
But lets look at the other little powers she wields,
If she's feeling a little helpless
And can't open those cans
A big strong hand might appear..
With a smile and a nod
It doesn't seem odd
For doors to open like so,
Those boxes look heavy
You might think her a pro
When others come running
To aid her...
She can look cute in a skirt
Or a mans under shirt
Her wardrobe has little limitations...

But don't compare her to another
She's not like your ex
And she's definitly not like your mother...

Bringing blessings a plenty
Loves to wear sexy panties
Her powers are really sublime
But anger or upset her and I can just bet
A headache in bed is what you'll find

Take heed to my words
This may sound absurd
But this power is also a curse
For once every month
she'll lose her mind
And be inflicted with pain so unkind
Till menopause takes hold
What an unbearable way
To lift a curse, might I say

Some say she's worth it, and others curse it
But my V-power is here to stay!
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
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Now that is what I'm talkin about

Very cute and real poem. I liked it.

poach! lol this comment thread got a lil crazy, leave it to my circle to do that. Glad you liked the post, look forward to your stories

These coments about Littlemisssunshine's story are very interesting. I am facinated more and more by the openess I find here on EP. I LOVE IT!!!<br />
I guess in a couple m ore days I will spill out some of my thoughts. Hope I dont disturb anyone. I hope my various view are interesting to all of you. I delve into many things. My top interest is in things I have discoverd about the Mind. I am amazed what can be acomplished if you just accept it.<br />

Bows to queenie.. thank you my dear

Lol.. mother

Lol Jimmy offer her an aspirin with dinner (that you cooked I'm sure) solves the headache problem before it begins. Oh ****, I'm given away secrets to the menfolk, demmit.. the ladies gonna have my head for that one. oh well, you learned sumthin and still didn't havta perform.. looky you! lol<br />
and thanx, glad you like my silly little poem.

Somehow I had the words "Tonight", "Not", "Darling" and "Headache" popping-up while reading, but then I saw it was you, whispery one, who wrote it and a feeling of relief come over me, knowing I wouldn't have to 'perform' after all...<br />
*phew*<br />
A cute poem too, but hey, so are you. A cute poem :)

Joel... lol.. so articulate.. luv it! I'm humbled by your humor ;)

Hi Sunshine, once again, blinded by your brilliance, mesmerized by your magic, and healed by your humor!

Charm .. very well said :)

Lol I can't even keep up with my own thread. <br />
DT - lmao realllly? <br />
Winston - thank-you<br />
pretty - looky u bein all serious

Ok, I'll be serious, Woman is = nurturer, protector, giver of life, friend , companion, mentor, keeper of the peace, righteous guider. Mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend.

Whoever said females are the fairer sex didn't have a clue what they were talking about. We nearly always get our own way.

Hi Sunshine! (* Showing my teeth again*) U-know....

It is.

We unleashed Foxx on my thread.. someone get the huntin dawgs! lol

oh my Sunshine!!, what did we do? lol

Michelle.. lol I'm glad you like it, i really need to cut down on caffeine in the mornings <br />
<br />
Orchid... I figured a dance would catch your attention lol, *cheers to being female*

Pink is pretty.

LMAO...I am bowing in worship of your writing skills now...this is so true and so awesome :)

it's salsa right witt me if it's salsa right witt you<br />
<br />
Mar... oh no! the random thread has caught you too.. totally not what I thought this story would turn into. lol

Someone get this stupid pink bow off my eyes....

Joey.. demmm you! now i wanna know what that makes lol

(*writing this down*)


Ronanp.. thank you, I'm glad you like it<br />
<br />
You other two have gone random crazy lol

Can somebody help me? I seemed to have lost my mommy....

lions tigers and bears... oh my

Kiss me kate!

lol.... my comment thread just went random you'd think I'd be used to it by now. <br />
<br />
hmm, sumthin random.... I'd like to take a drink but my cup is empty and my bladders full..



Roflmao @ Joey!! omg I don't even think I can top that

bah ha haha,...had to laugh again...@Joey

heck yes you do! lmao

lol Pretty, i'm not sure either..

wtf was that?

umm.. random but ok, yes that show is hot.

yeah, I would like to think so but in all fairness, we've had alot more practice at it. lol

Rofl @ Pretty No way, it's bad enuff havin hormonal women walkin round with this infliction. I sure as hell don't wanna tend to men dealing with it too. I need my guy friends to escape the raging hormonal females in my life. lol

SHOOOT, I'd like to see a man bleed for seven days straight and live to tell about it every month...LOL

Joey.. it sounds like a challenge that you're up to<br />
<br />
Mother.. thank you<br />
<br />
norcoguy.. lol thanks

Bleed, deemmit.. I totally forgot about the free drinks and the jackets!!, oh there so much the power of the V can wield. <br />
<br />
Joey.. She is a mystery to be unravelled indeed.. or undressed, which ever you prefer.. heehee

LMFAO I love your posts whisp.<br />
<br />
But you forgot if we stand at the bar long enough we'll be bought a drink and when we get cold,we get offered their jackets :)

lmao! I am, I try and use my powers for good