Love Being Super Effeminate Sissy

I am so girly and enjoy it emmensly! I just had a beautiful mani & pedi and had both sets of nails done in French manicure pink. My legs are shaved wrapped in sheer nylons with garters and my ***** is moist in my new pink rhumba panties that I bought yesterday at Nordstrom. Sitting here at work admiring how much of a limp wristed sissy I have become. My glossy lip protector even has a touch of pink in it! ;) I even have a pair of strappy heels I keep under my desk. I am in heaven right now and I can 't wait until work ends today so I can take off my trousers and put on some cute tight jeggings and ballet flats and go to the local mall for so some self humiliation by trying on dressed and heels and buying some more ruffled panties! I am soooo a-****-ted to becumming a full time sissy boy! :)
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You sound like you are really enjoying yourself. That is great! I also love looking and feeling like a woman in nylons and a satin pink dress like the one in your logo!

good for you
enjoy yourself

I would love to go to the mall with you dressed as your avatar!!!!

You have really graduated into sissies. Congratulations and enjoy

I like the sissy look o but not the domination

I think you're a marvelous example of what a super effeminate sissy CAN be! Although I'm a gay woman, I love sissy pantyboys who really are femmy!!! The more sissy the more exciting!!! I'd love to play naughty games with you and force you to expose your sissyness even more blatantly------keep up the good work sissy!!! Love Noellew

Thank you soo much! I have always had a fondness for Gay women and I have many lesbian friends. I love being ultra girly and femme with a gentic girl. :)

what kind of hair style do you have? That's something I'm thinking about. I like the old fashioned Pageboy

Thanks Bi-turned gay! The Psychological aspect of being feminized into a ultra femme sissy is entixicating. Each day I push the envelope with becumming more feminine. I haven't worn male underwear in months and only wear the frilliest girlish ones I can find. I wear stockings with my frilly panties under my business suit and expose my sissy nyloned ankles in corporate business meetings. I love getting my hair cut in a feminine style, wearing make up and spraying myself with ultra feminine perfume. I am also finding myself becumming more submissive in the presence of women & men. Men especially! I becum subservient and nervous like a young girl. I really enjoy these feelings immensely! ;)

You sound exciting and sexy. There are many males out there that love gurls like you (I am one). It would be great to date a sissy boi like you and help you become the woman you want to be. Keep going with your full feminization and enjoy yourself... there is nothing sexier than a femme male that wants to be a girl.