And This Means...

...much more than just sex. I almost never read here in EP what I like most to do as a woman: to be loved tenderly,  to share experiences, to go out to dinner, to compare and share accessories, go to a walk, hold hands, be hugged, made to feel beautiful, share a laugh, cook together, gossip, kiss and love. If there is sex, it comes out of a shared day, within a shared future... I'm a romantic... 

Cigysub Cigysub
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7 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I love feeling feminine. I really enjoy being held and kissed by a nice guy, treated like a woman. There is no other experience like it!!!!!

I think you have got it exactly right.

It is what we all seek !!....x

And also a Poet !!...beautifully put....x :)

I too love my femme side. I am more comfortable in this side of my nature. I've been told I am more open to others in kindness and actions. I am more giving of myself then when I am compelled back into the traditional male roles. Since I have wrapped myself with both attributes, I feel that this allows me to be more human towards others. It doesn't matter as to sexual orientation or race or gender. Gender is a state of mind, not your physical attributes.

That sounds lovely!

And that to me is what the woman inside seeks *sigh*. ... I'm also a romantic...