Recently I fingered a work colleague in my car after a leaving do. We never made love or even kissed. I was taking her home as she was drinking and I was sober. She was a little flirty and I just asked do you want me to pull over and finger you? Amazingly ahe said yes, I did as I offered and lifted up her skirt and slid her knicks down and then fingered her until she came (really really wet) I then let her pull up her knicks and dropped her home to her husband.
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Wow, there must have been a vibe you picked up on. Sometimes I've been in the middle of making a move on a chick and then froze because I was doing it on instinct and then wondered if I was wrong. Had a drunk chick in the back of my cab and I thought I was getting "signals" from here. So, I'm pulled over and am in theback seat with her and then I start imagining headlines of "Cab Driver Rapes Passenger" and so I get back up front in the driver's seat.

very fortunate lady! an ****** before getting home.

has that made any difference in your relationship at work?

It is as it never happened ie we joke around. But nothing sexual again. Maybe she needed a one off experience.

Just be patient and don't mention it. But, if you wait a good while, I bet if you offer her another ride home and she is tipsy and then she accepts, that would be a green light, no doubt

She was a very lucky lady, have you had a chance to do it again

No such luck.

she was a lucky lady!

your finger must be bigger than your pee pee

That's mean!!! I love a good fingering <3

Strange thing to say !

U ever been fingered to ****** xx

Of course

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