A Morning To Remember: My First ******* Experience

The following story is true and transpired not too long ago. However, before I get into the wet and juicy details, I need to write a few paragraphs to help set the scene....

A few years ago while watching some **** alone, I came across a short video of a woman being fisted. I have to admit, this was so erotic. I had never seen this done before and to be quite honest, really didn't know much about it. I must have watched the video a dozen times and got more turned on each time I watched it. I loved watching the woman being pleased and liked the idea of something a little more "rougher". The concept was so new to me but from that day forward I knew that being fisted would now be one of my deepest and most desired fantasies.

My husband at the time was more than willing to try to fulfill this fantasy; however, we never seemed able to make it happen. Maybe it was his extremely large hands; both of us being inexperienced in that area; or quite possibly me not being ready physically as I was extremely tight at the time.

Well as fate would have it, another opportunity presented itself. My husband and I actually separated and were in the process of filing for a divorce (that's a whole different story and completely unrelated). However, during this time I was extremely blessed to have met a truly wonderful man whom I became very fond of. After a few months of talking, we decided to meet for a long weekend getaway.

We arrived at the hotel around mid day and of course ravaged each other’s bodies the minute we entered the room. We didn't try ******* on the first or second nights as we spent that time getting to know each other better, learning each other’s bodies, and basically getting better acquainted both in and out of the bed. However, the third morning will be a time I will always remember.

The morning started as several times before, both of us pleasuring each other slowly, taking our time to ensure that our partner was more than satisfied. I can remember letting his soft hand glide slowly and tenderly along my naked body. I was hoping we would try to fulfill my fantasy but figured I would let the morning progress and see where it would lead. He had experience with ******* from a previous relationship so he knew what to do and I figured I should let him take the lead.

 After playing for awhile, he pushed me back on the bed and told me this morning was for my pleasure.  "You are so beautiful" he would tell me as he caressed my quivering body. Touching my face as he gently ran his finger across my cheek. He looked deep into my eyes and asked me to tell him what I wanted. Nervous at first and in a faint broken up whisper, I asked him if he would try to fulfill my fantasy and asked him to fist me as I had desired it for so long.

"So you really do want this, Sweetie? You really want me to do try to fist you" he replied. I kissed him deeply and said, "Oh, yes... I can't wait any longer and I'm sure you will introduce me to a great new sexual experience, none like I ever had before."

Being that we had already had plenty of foreplay, I was extremely wet. I know he could feel my excitement as our mouths opened and our tongues encircled in wild and long French kisses. He could not stop himself from caressing my breasts and hard nipples with his hands which only caused me to moan louder. He knew I wanted more.

After a short while he broke the French kiss, just for him to start kissing my body downward. His lips caressed my neck, breasts, nipples, encircling my navel with his tongue until finally he softly kissed the outer edge of my soft shaved *****. He could already smell my arousal. I closed my eyes now and just focused on him kissing and licking my ***** all over. He spent his time sucking and teasing my ****. I wasn't sure how much more I could take as I was so aroused.  I could feel my **** growing, larger than it ever was before. He took it into his mouth and sucked on it, then nibbled it gently which drove me over the edge. It was at that point he started ******* me with one finger first, slowly working finger after finger into my ***** till eventually he was ******* me with four fingers.

I moaned loudly with pleasure and again was so close to ******, he just would not stop. Instead, he took the lube and spread it all over his hand, up to the wrist, and then spread it around my ***** lips, working lots of the lube inside too. He then moved his hands to my wet ***** again and slowly worked three, then four fingers inside me again, this time going as deep as he could. He took his time, ******* me deep and slowly. He could feel the resistance at his knuckles and of course his own thumb but he kept working his fingers into me as deep as he could. I was reacting with a lustful sight, groaning and moaning constantly, my head going wild from left to right. He was stretching me while his fingers penetrated me but the best part still to come.

After a while he slightly withdrew his fingers, not completely, but left a few finger tips inside me. I felt him tuck his thumb inside his fingers as he started easing them back into my *****. They easily now went inside my wet *****, his knuckles at the largest part of his hand met little resistance. He kept slowly ******* me each time pushing a little harder and working more of the knuckles inside. He twisted his hand a little, keeping everything very slow and tender to make it as pleasurable for me as possible. I again was so close to ****** and I was experiencing feelings unlike I had ever before. I guess he knew at that moment, the time had come to make the final push. Suddenly, I felt the large part of his hand pop fully into me.

The new feeling of a full hand inside me, of being filled completely, of being fisted for the first time started making me want to climax.  I know he could tell that an ****** was building up inside me. He could tell by my labored breath, my body thrusting with his fist, and the look on my face that I had feelings arising that I had never had before. He kept ******* me deep but still very gently. It wasn't until I was at the peak of my ****** that he started ******* me harder. I cried out to him in the midst of a huge ****** begging him not to stop. The feelings I had were almost indescribable. He could feel my ***** around his wrist and with each thrust, my ***** would tighten and pull him in deeper. This went on for what seemed like an eternity for me but I am sure it was only for a short while. I was completely exhausted and couldn't feel my toes as most of my body was numb, and tingling all over.  It wasn't until I calmed down again, that he slowly started removing his hand.

I know I had tears of lust and fulfilled pleasure in my eyes. "It was so wonderful, such a great feeling. I loved the way you made me feel, so alive, so happy...." I told him. And for the next few minutes, we laid wrapped up in each other’s arms, him holding me tight until I feel into a deep sleep.

This truly was a day that I will always remember. A first for me but not the last. I am truly grateful to him for fulfilling this fantasy for me!
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Great story! Hope this happens for me!

I just found your story and know how you felt as I have just also experienced my first time... So wet and throbbing with pleasure and exhaustion can't wait for more... So pleased I bought that massage cream the cooling sensation was a blessing ;-)

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Your description of the experience was superb, very erotic. I am so happy for you that you were able to have your fantasy fulfilled. Would love to hear more of your adventures.

You're torturing me. I need this done to me and soon. I just hope my new beau is up to it...Damn, I'm hot now, I better go get a fresh set of batteries ready in the meantime...ooohhh.

Damn that's been a fantasy of mine for a while.

I loved the story, it has made me wet. You told it with some real passion and it must have been fun for you. Have you had any more encounters yet?

what a wonderful story. Very descriptive.

Penelope, thank you for sharing your awesome experience. Would love to read more of your experiences. You say it so well. HUgs.

Penelope, thank you for sharing your awesome experience. Would love to read more of your experiences. You say it so well. HUgs.


My wife and I are working on my getting my entire hand in her. So far I've gotten four fingers in, but I always have to stop when I get to my knuckles. Still, as long as she'll let me keep trying...

WOW! I'm wondering when could I have then share the same experience?!

I love that you have such wonderful capacity for joy and pleasure.

Amazing story, very erotic and well told. Whew!

Oh my gosh, I was stroking myself the entire time I read that. I had to keep slowing down so as not to spew goo too early. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment.

WOW, what a story... That is incredible. My biggest fetish is *******, so now I know why I love it so much. You are amazing!!

what an amazing story and i can tell by your description how excited you were .the possibilities are endless now

Something to keep in mind is that a woman usually will have a smaller hand than a man,

Go slow & plenty of lube.

you really give great story...........

omg - speechless - one of my greatest fantasies - perhaps you helped with your description to try it with my wife successfully - i hope :-)

thanks very much

This was sooo hot to read. I really needed to hold back or I would have ***. Also a very nice experience, it seems, I hope it didn't stop after that encounter...

And are very fortunate to have been with someone who did not have their own needs at the front of the line.

that was very erotic and arousing

Hot story thanks for sharing

What a rush reading your story was. You conveyed your feelings very well, I am quite flushed now. Wish I was the one giving you a helping hand!

Thanks everyone for their comments!!! I am looking forward to my next ******* encounter ;)

Wow what great details. It is awesome when fantasies become wonderful realities.

Bare Hugs


wow I think I am going to have this done to me.

fulfilling ones fantasies is such a wonderful treat, and the way you expressed the experience here was also a treat, a very sweet treat indeed.

I truly hope that you are able to fulfill all if your fantasies, each and every one of them and that you continue to share them here.

stay wet and smile...xXx