******* Pregnant *****

My wife loves my ******* her ***** we do it more now then ever sometimes I think its what she lives for. Thru girl talk and other things she found out our daughter does to. Like mother like daughter. She found out she and her husbaned like it more then regular ******** now the problem. She is pregnant and still wants it. Husbaned is leery saying it might hurt the baby but wonders what it would like inside is there an answer
wilt575 wilt575 41-45 1 Response May 23, 2011

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Hi Wilt,

To help your daughter in law to keep her fun in *******, following: ******* will not hurt the baby.

Ofcourse if they are into punch ******* the story is different, but as long its "normal" in and out motion it will only make the exit of the baby at birth, easier. There is even a special procedure that is being told to pregnant young woman, called perineal massage. It's the stretching of the flesh between the Vagina and *** and exactly what is also being stretched with ******* (they can't go around telling people they should fist more, to deliver kids easier). You can find explanatory movies on youtube.

The womb in a normal pregnancy is fully sealed off. Also normal penetration is being spurt on by doctors because the ***** can speed up the process at the end of the pregnancy. And perineal massage will help deliver the baby. So both show that *******, as long it is done moderate and not extreme it will benefit and not hurt the baby.

Only when the water breaks you should stop penetration, so also the *******.

My wife especially loved ******* during her pregnancies and it helped a speedy delivery every time.

I hope she'll keep the fun!