******* after a birth

I have read stories about ******* ******* and have often wondered about it. My husband and I get wild quite often tried kinky positions and toys etc. Every so often the subject of ******* comes up and he wants to try it and to be honest it sounds like something to give you that full feeling. So far all we have succeded in is four fingers. Well two weeks ago I gave birth and low and behold the subject came up again. He says if the baby came out maybe the fist can go in sounds pretty intreging to me. Should we go for it strike while the iron is hot? I'm really excited about the thought and am not very sore down there been doing some self pleasuring down there no pain. Yea or na?
terrie44c terrie44c 41-45 6 Responses Jul 24, 2011

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Just follow your heart. Go easy. Have fun. I hope you tried it.

just say no to *******....butt **** in *** and ***** choose ...both..right?

I would certainly wait until you are "allowed" to have sex and maybe then some assuming you had no tearing you should be good.

They say to wait a certain ammount of time to have sex after having a baby. I'd say the same would go for *******.

I would say Go for it ! at least try and if it hurts too much stop. If you want to do it and there is no pain why not?

i would have to say no. it is not the way to use your ***** and may cause damage. why risk your health for maybe fun. you life think about it................................