I Love Being Fisted.

  My hubby has stretched my ***** to where I need to be fisted to be satisfied. He tryed fu#king me and I could barley tell he was in me. Now when we have sex he fu#ks my *** and when he is done he fist fu#ks me until I am satisfied. I need something big inside me I am so stretched now. This is what he wanted and I am not sorry I had him do it. I love the feeling when I am fisted, it fills me so nicely an having something that large in me, well it's heaven!

pussygirl1957 pussygirl1957 51-55, F 19 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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I would definitely recommend *** ******* and ******* at the same time. I love doing that to my partners.

You should get a jade egg and ben wa. I am able to be fisted and still am very tight. learning to relax your muscles to take huge ***** or a fist then squeezing tight will give you more *******.

Id love to fist you and **** your *** hard

Purrrrrfect, I love to fist, as long as I am the gover, read my when I was 12 years old story, and you will see whu. Add me as a friend

It is a bucket list item to be able to fist a woman just once

i have fisted my wife many times and made her squirt from it! I love a big stretched out ***** and seeing my fist disappear inside her as her lips wrap around my wrist!

something I would like to try...

I wish more women had you attitude.The world would be a better place.

no pics for us hun?

It is!

i never got to fisted a women looks fun

omg what a wife

dont feel bad my wives the same we only have **** and i either **** or use large toys on her she got wiped out having kids after that i encouraged big toys and so on we keep her *** tight no sterching no toysjust my **** she **** hard from **** but harder from f*****G its what we like who to say

Great that you do this, and I love it too that you need a fist to feel something. I would think it was really excellent if you stretched further, so you needed more and more to be satisfied. Perhaps you could try ******* more often than just once a week?

Not trying for depth, I have had two others who have fisted me. Have not tryed much more streching as far as getting it bigger than it alerady is. Mostly maintaining what a fist can do weekly

Awsome! I do hope I will have a woman like you one day. I want this for my woman, one who is so massively stretched that her ***** is huge, gapes easily, and needs at least a fist to feel anything, preferably a good double ******* to get satisfied.

Tell me, are you continuing to stretch more? Do you also stretch for depth? And are you open to others ******* you too?

Would love to fist **** you!!

Well done both!